02 October 2012

Reader Question about Stickers - HELP

Hello all, I had a comment posted on one of my blog posts by Neonlicht... It was asking if I have seen any stickers, and I have not so I thought I would post it on here for all of you to see if you are able to help them out at all!!!

Hey Imy, cool sticky notes!

I'm not the kind of guy who uses sticky notes a lot, just some plain post-it notes to take note of random pieces of information (phone numbers, addresses, etc.) mainly when I'm on the phone, or to let know people at work where I am if not in my office, or to give or leave some notes at someone else's desk at work, etc.

But my nieces love stickers and since they're starting to learn English at School, I thought it could be a good idea for me to buy them children stickers that have English words on them, so that they keep seeing them, and they are more likely to say them and learn them.

I've found some interesting ones at SmileMakers, from Staples (like those: http://blog.zois.co.uk/2012/06/more-style-and-epub/feed/)and I'm sure there must be many more available. And since you are the person who's got more stickers in the whole world and who knows more about them... I had to ask you... :-)

Do you know of any good collection of stickers that I can use to play with my nieces (they are 7 and 5, by the way, and they're learning the colours, numbers, days of the week, etc. in English) and that would prompt them to remember and use the words written in them? I'd really appreciate any suggestions from you or from your sticker-addict readers! :-)

Thanks a lot!

So if you have leave a comment below to let them know!!!

Thank you 


  1. Imy I used to work in a classroom as a Learner Support Assistant, we used this website to buy lots of school type stickers etc.


  2. Thank you, Imy. Very nice of you posting my question as a blog post. Answers might be useful for others too, maybe. :-)

    Thanks a lot, Gail, that's a wonderful site. The interactive (ask me) stickers about colours, shapes, numbers, etc. are wonderful. I think they'll be very useful for my nieces.

  3. I work at an international school, specially with children from 3 to 5 year olds and Primary school. The stickers we use (and the kids LOVE) are the ones by Trend (http://www.trendenterprises.com/product_searchresults_New.cfm?Criteria=&whichMenu=&Keywords=&masterResults=&Order=i.rank&StartRow=31&ThisLevel1=Product+Category&ThisLevel2=Stickers) and by Carson Dellosa (http://www.carsondellosa.com/cd2/searchcatalog.aspx?k=productTypeGroup:Stickers).
    In both cases you have to look around but the ones with words are usually called Positive Praisers (well done, good job, etc) but I think Carson Dellosa has more stickers with words. Either way I'd looked around them two pages, they have A LOT of stickers. Also you have packs of a thousand stickers for about 10 dollars.