15 September 2011

Business Idea!

So for a few days/weeks I have been thinking! 

And this morning I wanted to announce my thinking to Twitter!

So just after I did I got some rather weird replies!! 

Now when your on a bus these are not things you expect to hear!

Here is my idea, well I have been thinking for ages, there Ann Summers Parties, Body Shop Parties, Dodo Pad Parties, but what are we really missing STATIONERY PARTIES AND FILOFAX PARTIES!!!

I was thinking why not combine the two together and make a Stationery Party, you could have it for when children are going back to school and everything it could be associated with Staples and WHSmiths, so now how could I set this up, I would love to know!!

It sounds like such an amazing idea of something to do in my spair time!!

Any ideas would be GREAT! Thank you my lovely Imysworldalites! 



  1. Sounds like a fab idea! Not too sure how you go about setting it up but if you do manage to and did one in London then I would defo love to be there! xXx

  2. Sounds a great idea! I used to do craft parties selling craft supplies where we would demo a card or scrapbook page, I loved that. You could teach people how to time manage using the Filofax system having different set ups for different things. I like it already.