06 October 2011

Dream Filofax

Recently I have been trying to work out what would my be DREAM Filofax, the one I would make if I was the designer at Filofax, for AGES I have been thinking it would be a Barbie Pink Malden, but over the past few days my mind has gradually changed!

This dream Filofax would of been a beautiful Barbie Fuchsia pink, which the Barbie Logo on the right hand corner with really sparkly gem stones (pink obviosuly, but a paler one that compliments the Fushsia perfectly). As you open it it would have a simlar pocket layout to the Malden, as i love the pockets so much they are perfectly formed! It would not be glazed like the Malden, would be more of a soft leather, that scuffs.

I would have special inserts made they would be floral, but nice complementing colours, duck egg blue, silver, pink, purple, aqua, all thoes sort of nice colours. The diary would be a week to view (no notes) on pink paper, like the pocket pink diary!

The refills would all be pink and there would be special blog planning pages in there that FILOFAX NEED TO MAKE soon!  I am not too sure on what the blog inserts need to have but oh they would be useful, have idea section and everything afterall this is the information technology age (RIP STEVE JOBS) but they really need to come up with some new and more modern inserts, not that i do not love what they have but just to bring them more in to the 21st Centry!

But after all this time of dreaming of my perfect Filofax i one day saw this beauty, it was at the Philofaxy Meet up, Caribbean Princess has a picture on this post! Now its not my perfect Filofax but i am so inlove with the colour, Saffy bought it with her!!

It was the beautiful OSTERLEY in PLUM, i have had the website open for Filofax ever since i am a little obsessed!!! It has beautiful pink stitching!!!

Oh i want it so bad, i want to organise my life in it!! I really crumble too easy at Filofaxes!



  1. The Osterly is GORGEOUS!

    I know what I'm asking santa for this year! :) xxx

  2. I too am drooling over the plum osterley! im hoping its my next purchase!