08 October 2011

Me, My Sex & I - BBC Documentary

Me, My Sex & I 

Tuesday 11 October 2011 at 10:35 on BBC1

Check out Intersex UK for further information and watch a short extract from the documentary here!

Enjoy and I would love to hear peoples opinions of the documentary afterwards!


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  1. Imy,
    Firstly thank you for signposting this excellent programme.

    I'm not very good with medical stuff and this programme really did explain the condition (if that is the right word) very well.

    I hadn't realised that the differences are so variable and the degree that it can occur in different people can be so variable.

    I thought they picked some great people to interview, open and honest and just people you would love as friends.

    I also think that you have shown a huge amount of courage to describe what you have been through at such a young age and how you are coping with all the treatment you are having now.

    Imy you are who you are and I don't feel any less of you at all. You are a loveable likeable person.

    Again thank you for pointing out the programme.