05 October 2011

Great German Train Robbery I Believe?


People have been calling the 9 Euro sale the Great German Train Robbery I believe, so I will carry on with that, I only bought 3 things as everyone knows, anyone who bought a 4th that was a lovely Rose Finchley did not receive it unless you have the luck of a pantha! *Disclaimer, i do not know how lucky panthas are.

UPDATE: Steve from Philofaxy was the person who first used the Great German Train Robbery ;-) 

I am still looking for a Personal Rose Finchley as they are beautiful Paper Love Story has made me fall in LOVE with hers!

Anyway back to the thing in hand, now i have only bought a Wallet for me, which im not going to show you as they have been seen everywhere so not as special as the name makes it sound!

I bought 2 Filofaxes!

The First which is for my Mother for Christmas!

Personal Topaz

I also bought a Filofax for a Friend for Christmas, I hope she likes it! 

Personal Panama

The closure on the Panama was not as expected but so different!!! So this was all i bought in the Filofax Germany Train Robbery!!! YAY!



  1. It was me that gave it the name the 'Great German Train Robbery'.. after the impact the announcement about the 9 Euro sale had that night and the next day....

  2. I'd like a rose Finchley after seeing PaperLoveStory's post too :)