01 October 2011

Filofax College - Autumn/Fall Term


Sorry Students to of been away for so long! 

I will not make any excuses! I will just crack on with the lesson!

So today's lesson i have used bits from this website: - Get Organised

They do courses and other things to help you get organised its amazing, you should all follow them on twitter @getorganised

So this lesson is going to be taken from two of their blog posts To Do List Management and Efficiency Masterclass. Read the full post there!

I read them and thought they were so useful i should share them with you for Filofax College, I have not typed most of the following just changed it a bit to make it more Imysworld, which is why i have told you all the sources where i got it from.

I copied the below from Efficiency Masterclass as i thought it was such an amazing idea, i know its majoritly obvious but still wanted to share it with you.

3 take charge tips to get you started today:
  1. End every work day with a brain-dump. Simply list, in one place, any idea, project or task you need to complete. Freeing up this space in your head brings clarity, opens up room for more great ideas and brings closure to your day.
  2. Start every work day by choosing your most challenging tasks first (before diving into email please!). These are the big fat and juicy to-do’s that will drive you closer to reaching your goals, increasing revenue or fulfilling your core job function.  Constantly question yourself if what you are choosing to work on right now will drive you and/or your business/company forward or not.
  3. Practice this technique for the next month till it starts becoming a habit. Consistently focusing on the top 20% of your list will increase your productivity by 25%.
The next thing i found really helpful was on the To Do List Management. Read the full post there!

Here are some easy to implement, actions that will keep your to do list more manageable:

Keep A Master Action List
  • Keep a master list in a separate worksheet on your desktop or in a big book. As new actions arise, add them to the master list.
Transfer Action Into A Weekly Calendar
  • Select the 5 most important actions for the week and transfer these into your calendar.
  • Allocate enough time within a day to complete each action.
  • If one or more of the 5 actions require extensive time, reduce the number of actions for that week.
  • If you achieve one important task for every day, you are effectively creating 365 small steps towards reaching a goal in a year. This is significant progress when looking at the bigger picture.
Celebrate Completed Actions:
  • Reward yourself for the actions that have been completed.
  • Do not lose sight of the importance of the bigger picture as mentioned above.
Review The Master List Monthly:
  • Ensure that all important actions are being addressed in order of importance.
  • Remove items that have been actioned, but that you did not transfer into a weekly calendar.
The bit i have put in italics and made blue i found so useful, and it has been making me do things on my to-do list GRADUALLY but i have been doing them! 
Do not forget to check out Get Organised the place where i borrowed all this from! But i have linked back and explained why i just copied it and pasted, if i need to do anything else let me know!

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