04 October 2011

What's in My Bag - All Stars Post by Icclewu - Tracey

Hello All

So another What's in my bag post today, but from a new Filofax friend, Tracey, She sent me the post it notes in the post yesterday!! What a lovely lady!!! And now its her turn to do a guest post for me YAY!!! I really am loving this seriese of What's in my bag posts!!

Hi everyone. I would like to start by thanking Imy for letting me guest blog as part of the Philofaxy All stars team. I am a newbie blogger and can be found here at Rapunzel's World so be gentle with me J.

I have loved Imy’s other guest blogs for “What’s in my bag” so thought I would give it a try. So here we go................................What’s in my bag.

The bag I am using at the moment is made by Animal. I bought it last month from the animal shop at York shopping outlet.

Here is a photo of it.

It is all black, with a zip pocket inside, and a pocket under the flap at the front. I use this bag for everyday use, and all sorts of things get thrown in there, especially when I usually have a three year old in tow.

So here is a photo of the inside.

Inside the main pocket of the bag we have the following:

My personal Malden in vintage pink, a pack of antibacterial wipes (you never know when they might come in handy) a blue pen from Imy, my bic 4 colour fashion pen, 2 Lypsyls, a packet of post-it notes given to me by a friend, and the round black thing is my earphones as seen below.

They are fab. I use these as they have the in-line control thing for volume, skip track etc, and they work well with my iphone.

Also in the main pocket are the following;

My house keys, a pink bobble, a lolly??, a conker???? And a stylus for Nintendo ds?????? There is also a receipt for a book bag for my daughter’s nursery school.

Also inside there is my lovely Filofax Special Edition purse.

I love this purse!!

Also, the little pink thing is my Playboy mini nail gadget thing


This gets used more for other things, than actually nails.

Then we come to the inside zip pocket


This is where I keep my make up.


Nothing out of the ordinary there. Pressed powder, lip gloss, lip stain, eye liner, tweezers and a pink bobble.

Then finally we come to the outside pocket under the flap.


Inside here we have the following;


A pen from the Stratosphere hotel in Las Vegas, 4 mini papermate pens (I love these pens) post-it notes, (I love these too) 2 lollies?? An envelope which has some of those Morrisons Disney cards in that were for a friend, and a hole punch for my filofax.

So there we have it. an insight into what is in my bag. I hope you have enjoyed having a little nosey :-)

Thank you very much Tracey!!! It was lovely to have you on my blog!!

If anyone who is not part of All Stars would like to have their bag featured on my blog as a What's in my bag post let me know, i love to have them!!


  1. Gosh I love these posts, self confessed Mrs Nosey here. Love the earphones in the container. May I ask what make they are and where you got them from please? Thank you

  2. They are called Zagg buds and they are from Zagg.com. You can follow them on Facebook and get discount codes to get them cheaper :)