14 October 2011

Pocket Filofax Malden REVISIT!

This is a general update I have changed a few things, I will breeze through some and DETAIL you on other bits!

So here is my lovely FULL beautiful Grey Pocket Malden, its STUFFED and LOVED!

As you can see the FIRST difference, other than the face its alot fuller now, there is a Happy Burger thing that Rori gave me AGES ago in a letter and i had no use for it then suddenly thought how cool it would look there so i hole punched it and put a plastic thing on the back to keep it safe! Adds more colour to it!!

The new things i have added to my pockets are: -

A Staples Voucher
A Cat In the hat joke
Credit Card slip with Osterley written on it

Now behind the info tab, this will be quick!

Personal info


Now behind the Agenda tab:

Another little cute piece of paper from Rori just to add something extra, i also used the reinforcing things to it.

Then behind this i added a pretty cover to my diary to make it a little more cuter!

Paper from inside Zoe's envelope! YAY


As you can see i still have a bit of 2 days per a page,  then the other side are the days to a page, but weekends are 2 days to a page which isn't right they should have an extra whole day, dont you agree!!!

Then i have a little cute rainbow magnet to hold the pages i have used out the way isnt it adorable my friend Lucy gave them to me for my birthday!!!

Just to show you the layout, I WISH IT WAS PLAIN NO LINES I LIKE PLAIN PAPER!!!!

Now its time for the NO TITTIES!!!! or Notes to people who have a normal mind!

Places i want to visit! - [Thomas i know there is somewhere you said to add on to the list, i havent updated it yet]

Just general notes

Then i made some top tabs with some craft card which @enola05 sent me a while ago, and i have been meaning to to use but not decided then i got in to the Filofax mood tonight, and made a few dividers, this one is for my christmas list, have you been naughty or nice?

Then i made a seperate one for my to-do lists, that looks magical, i just was playing but what a great idea!!

Then the Alfabet i dont use.......

I have some new additions: -

Jess RIP my heart still breaks beacause i lost you, i love you so much Jess I will think about you for ever!

Kalamari - lovely new kitty who is now a proper cat!

Back pocket

Lots of stuff, the magazine clippings are from the How to spend it magazine that comes with the financial times ;-) oh yeah!

Christmas Menu!

Then FINALLY the pens i use in my Filofax!



  1. Hi Imy, love your Filofax setup but how do you store all those pens and do you carry them with you?

  2. Now that is what I call stuffed to the brim! I like it tho, better than empty and boring :) I love the xmas list tab, I bet there are lots of filofax things on it!

  3. Hi Philofaxy, Iv only recently found you after trying to hunt down the perfect diary for my domino in 2012(why are weekends always smaller??) it took me 3 days to read your entire Blog and I'm hooked. Since last week I have
    1. Successfully tried printing my own pages
    2. Purchased a hole punch for my pages
    3. Subscribed to your blog
    4. Found new Filofax related blogs
    5. Purchased a new Filofax (butterfly in my local W H Smith £73 but with current offers and money off vouchers Iv purchased it for £45!!!) so glad Iv finally got a leather Filofax
    6. Attempting to make my own gorgeous page dividers that I love, from your photos and thoughts and ideas of mine.

    Thank you for your inspirational blog and keep up the hard work. (will be doing a post on my blog about my new Filofax in the next week!!)


  4. Hi, Imy:

    Yay! You want to visit Los Angeles, CA (someday)! :o)

    When you do, let us Angelinos know if you want a meet up. It might just be me and my bling'd personal ivory Deco... and if that's the case, Deco and I are psyched to meet you!

    I enjoy reading your blog - thank you for all you share with us! You inspire Deco and me! =)


  5. HW - Thank you, well i take a small pencil case with a few of them and change the selection regulalr if something has to be colour coded i write it in pencil then re write at home if i dont have the pen :-)

    Amanda - I know its mad :-( but shes very used hehe Thank you :-) I made lots and thoes sticky tabs are amazing IN LOVE WITH THE AVERY!

    Miss Oakden - Hello im not Philofaxy, im just a Philofaxy obsessive who follows them, and stalks them like crazy!!!! I AM MAD!!!

    but i will reply anyway :-)

    You can always get 2 days to a page then you dont have smaller weekends all days are the same size and you have an extra notes section :-)

    Have a nice day :-) xxx

    Stoko77 - Yeah lol wont be until im about 30 though! lol

    Awwww :-) whats your deco called??

    Thank you im glad i inspire you :-) How many filofaxes do you have? ;-)

  6. Imy, you forgot to add Chicago to your places to visit list!

  7. wow imy- i love you info tab divider- gorgeous colours!!! :)
    From the obsessed divier lady!

  8. wow, nice divieders amy- love the bright colours on the blue info tab!! From the obsessed divier lady :)

  9. J - Chicago will be included under USA ;-) I want to visit most of the USA!!! hehe

    Sharry - Didn't realise i was called Amy ;-) hehe Thanks i made them when i got bored just wanted to test out some card i had, there not exactly what you would call STRAIGHT hehe there very wonky, not professional at all :-( xxx

  10. Come to La-La Land whenever you can. We'll all wait for you!

    Deco's name is Deco, and her nickname is Dec. Super-original, don't you think? (tee hee!) I use her everyday, but am thinking of moving to a pocket. Butaben e-m'd me a bunch of great grad school tips, and I'm using them with Dec.

    I have 8 FF's (when did that happen?!):
    - another personal ivory Deco (Dec's backup)
    - special edition pocket (yay! Swarowski crystals!)
    - Finsbury personal in raspberry
    - Finsbury personal in purple
    - - NOTE: both Fins failed Lie-Flat obedience school
    - Fins mini in brown
    - LV mini (used for notes)
    - Cartier A5 in burgundy (gorgeous!!!)

    While I have one A5, I may purchase an A5 Adelphi, like yours. It's so beautiful, and will look super-professional when I'm in the Clinic.

    Sorry for the late reply. We're in midterms - took Physics last night, and have Herbs tonight. Have 3 more after tonight, but can only focus so far.


  11. SOrry imy I realised after I posted I should had said hey Imy. It's because I was reading both yours and philofaxy's blogs at the same time!!

    Was soo excited to get Filofax stuff in the post last night when I got home from work!!!

  12. Miss Oakden - Dont worry your pretty little cotton socks!

    Have you done a blog post about them? :-)

    Stoko77 - hehe i will defo come i want to roller skate ;-) hehe

    stay at personal i moved to pocket but i missed the space i got on fine with it but missed it! :-(

    you have an ivory deco too lucky lady!!! and 8 isnt too bad!

    Louis Vuitton JEALOUS!!!


    the adelphi is lovely its defo my choice when i want to go a5 again :-) i love her!!

    thats ok im late at replying too :-9 sorry xx

  13. oooh. more cats! Love your cats. I have three cats inside, three strays who I feed and care for outside, and two corgis. Love them all. Should put their pictures in my filofax!

  14. Josh - Awww what are their names? and two corgies? hehe :-)

    Have you pics of your filofax? ;-)