18 October 2011


For a while now I have been looking for a beautiful Vintage Rose Personal Finchely, then last Sunday I was told one had come up for sale on eBay! I jumped for joy I was so exicted! I was going to my parents the next day and i had no money to buy it, I had to ask my Dad to bid for me! Luckly enough he agreed, so I placed a bid to get rid of the reserve so no one could Steal her away from me!

I got to my parents and watched her, this was the Monday, a day after it went on eBay, it was already up to £11, I started to believe I was not going to get it, in the end I payed £5.00ish under my budget which I was very happy with!

The lady was really nice, she said she was glad it went to such a lovely happy home, or something like that, I was too excited! The description said it was being posted 2nd class recorded! BUT she poseted it 1st Class recoreded and the nice post man delivered it today (all the other post people [pc] we get are grumpy)!

So i photographed unwrapping it!

She had wrapped it in tissue paper like a present for me!

It came with a 2012 diary and a lot more inserts than i was expecting (i didn't read what it came with, was too excited).

I left her mad feedback saying things like she is Magical and Amazing etc..... I also sent her a lovely email!

I feel sorry for her!

Anyway there will be more to come about this beauty soon!!

Here is my feedback i left her: -



  1. Hehe, I bid on that Filofax, and I wondered if you were watching! I only wanted to spend £30 though. Very unrealistic!

  2. H - hehe :-) I am so happy

    Millie - :-O so you were one of my apponents! lol I didnt want to pay as much if i could of but was still within my budget! lol

  3. Hi Imy!

    I bid on this too, but the last minute bidding went way beyond what I wanted to spend... I'm so glad that you won (if I couldn't). (I have been reading your blog for quite some time now, and I have to say that you are adorable. There's no other word for it.)

    Enjoy the new filofax!

  4. SSJ - I am glad i won, i tried as hard as i could to win, I even decided to play dirty and bid in the last 30 seconds i wanted it that much lol :-)

    I will enjoy her so much :-) She is my favorite in my collection because she is pink, next to my amazona she will look AMAZING :-D I love her!!! She is now called Flo :-D x

  5. And the best thing about you winning is that next time one of these comes up on ebay -- YOU WON'T BID and the rest of us will have a fighting chance!! HA!

    I have an A5 Finchley in antique rose (my work filo that stays on my desk at home). So pretty, but too big to lug around.

  6. Congrats! She is beautiful! I always loved the Finchleys, but in the end the Malden just won out!

    Hope you enjoy her :)

  7. Hi Imy,
    so happy you got it! I love this Filo too and was lucky to get one from a private Seller.
    I look everyday on ebay for Finchleys because i search a personal green one but i didn´t find this one.
    Was it listed under "Filofax" or something else?
    Sorry for my really really bad english.
    Have fun with Flo :-)

  8. Reading this made me smile/blush in equal measure!

    I was the seller of this filofax and as soon as I saw the name 'Imy' in the messages I thought it might be you! I'm a bit of a lurker around Philofaxy and related blogs :)

    And I did intend to post it 2nd class but after I got my proof of postage I saw the woman at the post office had sent it 1st class! It was clearly meant to be!

    Since I got my Personal Almond Amazona I have been in love, so have been forcing myself to sell my other ones. Glad you're happy with it!

  9. SSJ - HAHA yeah that is true as i was going to fight until the last second for this one!!! I am soooo happy i got it!!! Very very happy!! I am trying to set her up now! :-D

    J - The malden would of won completly for me if it was in a NICER pink!!! pink is the colour im missing from my life hehe :-D xx

    Stefanie - I really would like a duck egg colour next hehe :-) it was listed exactly as it is called in real life, the listing was perfect but i didnt really read it i just thought ITS MINE!!!

    Nia - Awww Thank you for the wrapping and also i noticed the little card afterwards!!!

    Oh right :-) So i was just lucky then hehe :-) But thank you anyway :-D the post lady obviously knew ;-)

    I have the black Amazona, i love it but its not PINK!!!!

    I am very happy!! and she will get alot of love and alot of online time, in videos and blog posts :-)

    so how many filofaxes do you own as i saw from your feedback you sell alot hehe (nosey i know i am) xx

  10. Haha, I'm actually ashamed to admit this..

    I currently own 'just' 4 - my Amazona, a Personal Aqua Chameleon (which i'm not massively keen on but I use it to store paper), a black Slimline Finsbury and Mini Chino. I only really got back into Filofaxes earlier this year, so I bought a few in sales mainly to see what size/style worked for me, hence the many I've sold on ebay recently! I'm currently selling a bright pink mini baroque that I got from the German site a while back, the leather is gorgeous but I don't even like pink!! god knows why I bought it..

    It's not like I'm even one of those people who has different filofaxes for different things necessarily, I like to just use one for EVERYTHING! So I have no excuse for buying more.

    My boyfriend calls my Amazona my 'Failofax'.. sigh.

  11. Nia - if that was a personal baroque you would of had an instant buyer hehe

    You shouldnt be ashamed your at the beggining of the addction!! once you had to 3 it means you end up buying more than 10, im on 14 atm!!! YAY!!!

    I have no excusse for more i can only use one at a time but i have to keep buying i have a problem!!!

    Why your failofax? do you now use it often?

  12. wow 14?? That's quite a collection!

    I use my Amazona constantly, It's always by my side! He just mocks my Filofax addiction, but he has actually bought himself a diary this year, and I bought him a lovely one for 2012 (I'm slowly working to converting him over to Filofax, hehe..)

  13. Nia - I know its a complete addiction!! :-) there so amazing as you put your life in them <3 love them1!!

    HAHA i converted my bf to filofax sort of he loves his :-) uses it every day hes had it a year and a half or two i think? not sure!! :-) but he hasnt written in int in a while :(

    The amazona is beautiful :-D

  14. Congrats on getting this one Imy. I can't get over the satisfaction and excitement when you win the battle of the bids on eBay, it is fantastic!!! And the Finchley is so soft and beautiful too :-) I'm looking forward to seeing your posts and pics when it is set up. x

  15. lj - THANK YOU :-D

    there will be a proper post soon :-d xxx