21 October 2011

QUIZ!!! Imy's Music Quiz YAY!

On the bus this morning i had a mini quiz, of music i was listening to! So i thought i would share the questions here for you all to answer incase anyone missed them. Put your answers in the comments below!! EEEEkk

Question 1: Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin! What am I singing?

Question 2: Hey, hey........, hey...., hey, good morning, you.............., its calling, what am I singing?

Exra Line Hint: Really wanna look into your Catwoman eyes!

Question 3: Hungry for love and it's feeding time?

Exra Line Hint: Run my greasy fingers up your greasy spine

Question 4: Lift your hands and voices free your mind and join us

Question 5: Goggle eyed playing computer games, spending dole money on drugs?

I look forward to seeing your answers, have fun!! YAY


  1. wow, usually i´m very good in music knowledge.... but your quiz is very tough.....

    i hope that people really take it serious and don´t just google ;)

    i really just got 2 of them and i´m very ashamed right now.....

    nr. 1 continues with "i came to win battle me it´s a sin" (house of pain - jump around)

    and nr. 4 "you can feel it in the aaaa aaaaaa aaaaaiiiiiir! oooooo ooooooooooooh nananaaanaaaa" hahahah (snap - rhythm is a dancer)

    thanks for this short break ;)

  2. Ninjij - I agree, but i do have very bazar music tastes so it could be very hard!! hehe :-d

    You got thoes two right :-) congrats :-D

    hehe xxx

  3. thank you ;)

    and of course it has to be "battle me THAT´S a sin" i´m sorry ;P

  4. Ninjij - hehe i dont know the words that well :-( just was the first thing that played on iphone thsi morning hehe :-D

  5. I can only answer Q3. It's "Feed my Frankenstein" by Alice Cooper. Love that song!

  6. A1 House of Pain - Jump Around
    A2 Watch the Sun Come Up - Example
    A3 Alice Cooper - Feed My Frankenstein
    A4 Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer Lyrics
    A5 Vinylgroover & The Red Hed - Live For The Weekend


  7. Iris - YAY Well done, dont worry im sure everyone if they dont cheat and use google could only answer one or two

    Steve - did you have fun on google hehe

  8. You don't know my music taste do you.... might be a surprise.. ;-)

  9. Steve the first 4 i would of agreed that you could possibly like but the last one is a bit hard so it caught you out ;-)

  10. imy do you allow me to "steal" your Music Quiz for my own blog?

    I´m so in love with this idea right now ^^

  11. it´s done ;)


  12. Ninjij - i have answered and i didnt cheat but the two i didnt know i looked online to see what they were but i didnt write thoes answers down, tell me if i have them right, i cant understand german :-( hehe

  13. the 3 you got, are (almost) right. i know that YOU know, which songs I meant ;) so you get the points for them.

    someone told me, there´s a automatic translator-app for google chrome. i think steve´s already using it.

  14. Ninjij

    YAY!!!! Im proud! hehe :-d

    I dont use google crome, i use firefox :-) as its Foxy! hehe :-)

    Sum 41 - Fat Lip?? just suddenly came to me

    I used google translate! ;-) xxx

  15. no it´s limp bizkit with break stuff.

    everytime one of the songs is named right, i write the answer and point-getter under the lines ;)
    and as you can see in my blog, my music quiz is going to become a competition. in the end of the year the person with the most points will receive a price hehe

  16. Ohhhhh i love that song! ITS AMAZING

    Durrr what a muppet!!!!

    Ooo that sounds like such a great idea i didnt notice that bit, so i have 3 points? hehe xxx