20 October 2011

Finchley Vintage Rose - The story so far!

As you all know I recently bought a Filofax off eBay the beautiful Finchley Vintage Rose - WON THE FILOFAX BATTLE - So i just wanted to do a small overview of the Filofax, a small comparison with the Malden then finally my start of the "set up process" which i have PROCRASTINATED the arse off!

Here is a small compilation of photos I have taken of the Finchley (be warned, the colour does not look right, and i tried hard).

Finchley Vintage Pink - different angles

I was totally supprise by this Filofax, it is so FLEXBILE! Just beautiful, if anyone ever gets a chance to get a Finchley no matter what colour get one, they feel beautiful to hold!!

I then decided to compare it agains my Malden, and the leather feels so much more Luxurious than the Malden, it just feel more beautiful more loved!

Finchley Vintage Pink v Crimson Malden

I prefer the Vintage Rose anyday, its such a beautiful colour, i know the red is really deep any beautiful but it just does not compare to the Finchley. Even though i prefer the pocket layout of the Malden, i love the back pocket of the Finchley as you can use it to put pictures in! YAY!!!! Cat shrine!

Finchley Vintage Pink - cat memorial

Kalamari - 1 Year Old
Jess - RIP 14 June 2010 - 14 Years Old

We now should have a public Naming ceremony, I have named her Florance, or Flo for short, as she feels like a Flo, a beautiful name for a beautiful Filofax! She will look beautiful with my Alexa!!! 

So now on to my minor setting up, which im gradyally doing but i am lacking dividers, so i have made an exchange (well i have dividers but there all red and orange, does not go with pink clashes AWFULLY) with @sallyhj0 she needed a 2011 week per a page diary and she makes her own dividers, so i sent her alot of nice filofax things too in return she will make me some dividers! YAY THANK YOU!!!!!

So here is my main dillema with the Filofax: -

Finchley Vintage Pink - diary choices

So i use the 2011 Paperchase diary, or the Filofax 2 days to a page 2011 diary? Please answer on the side at the poll >>>>>>>

Finchley Vintage Pink - inside so far

After that i have just written up my Xmas list, and accidently put 2012 instead of 2011, which means it can be used 2 years in a row!! early 2012 planning is now in session!!!

I also have 2 today rulers, one for to-do lists and the other for dairy, important for me to not get confused!! 

Birthdays are written down too, one thing i need is telephone number sheets!!! IMPORTANT!

Arnold looks at home!!

Here are all the Pocket and Personal inserts i own in BOX FORM!!!

This box = AMAZING!!! sorry but it does!



  1. Imy, I found myself a gorgeous WHSmith photo box and did exactly this with my inserts. I kept on smiling every time I looked at it. I love having things like that organised!

  2. Imy I did exactly this last night! After finding a very gorgeous leather W H smiths photo storage box(complete with photo dividers) I organised all my spare inserts. Was sooo pretty and made me smile every time I looked at it. so I know exactly what you mean.

  3. hi crazy ^^

    thank you for this lovely post! i loved the "public Naming ceremony"

    your blog always makes me smile because of your excitement about filofax. don´t get me wrong, i absolutely understand this!!!! but the way you celebrate is is just so cute!!!
    please keep going!

    (btw flo is an gorgeous name! AND i´m so looking forward for my brown finchley from filofax denmark!!!! didn´t know there´s a backpocket oO )

  4. Miss Oakden - its amazing to have somewhere to go for all your inserts eek

    i love to organise the stuff

    Ninjij - it would not of been an official name with out the naming ceremony haha :-D I love to be excited about filofaxes there my passion hmmmmm maybe should not of admitted that

    yes there is!!!!!!

    OOOO brown finchley sounds MAGICAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    are you on twitter??

    i shall keep going xxx

  5. Flo is such a great name!

    She's your Flofax! :)


  6. Great post, Imy! I love your new FF! I keep getting Finsbury and Finchley confused all the time, but the Finchley has much softer, more supple leather, right?

    I, too, have a Filofax Box o' Goodies with all my inserts, accessories, next year pages, etc. Awesome!

  7. I LOVE your new filofax! I've recently bought a songbird filofax, but I went to the fiolfax shop today and I fell in love with the Siena, its just so beautiful. I've added it to my Christmas list! I love your box idea, think I'm going to have to do the same!

    Looking forward to reading your next posts :)

  8. Ooh Imy, I see your pollsters aren't helping you much re the diary format, they are neck and neck. We love FF, and as much as I would love to be loyal to FF inserts, they justvdon't make it easy do they. If the 2 days to a page had lines, it would have won hands down for me, but I find writing without the lines a complete pain, and just can't get as much in- is that just weird? Good luck with your set up, Flo is a very lucky girl to have you as an owner as you will treat her so well :-)

  9. Helen - Thank you :-) flo is a great name :-)

    terriknits - i know what you mean i get confused too :-( i kept typing finsbury rather than finchley at first oops :-( but ive got used to it now

    the box of bits is the best way to keep track :-d eeeek

    lostwithoutyou - my mum has a songbird :-) its so pretty :-)

    and the siena is lovely too :-) hope you get it :-D eeek

    LJ - i know what you mean its so annoying its even lol the paperchase paper is better wuality but a worse layout just less space!

    ive never used lines so will find out if i use it :-D eeek

    thank you xx

  10. Josh - Thank you they are amazing xxx