27 October 2011



I am going to announce the winners for the Share your Memories competition!! If you didn't win i am SO sorry!!! I wish i could of given you all a Filofax!!!

Alltogether i had 26 entries in the short space of 2 days! Ever since i announced that there now giving away 6 Filofaxes the competition went MAD!! Its been like a full time job but im glad i can NOW announce the winners!!!

These are in no particular order, as since re writing them they have gone completly out of order!!

Amanda Martin - Amanda21xo

Dolly Dollface

Liang-Yin Liu

Marie Shambrook 

Particia Weller 

Yasmin - Princess Tiger!

So thoes are the six winners, i will be in contact with you all shortly! Please could you reply to my email as quickly as possible as i need to ask you some questions!!

I do have one favorite entry that i received and that was by Liang-Yin Liu, it was AMAZING!!!! I didn't have many hand written ones and this one was hand written and hand drawn, i just wanted to share it with you all on here first!!

Liang-Yin Liu 2

Liang-Yin Liu 1

I will try to send everyone an email just so they know anyway incase you dont all see this!!

Hope you have enjoyed this and my blog will be back to normal tomorow (I have missed blogging)



  1. Gorgeous! Liu's drawings remind me of Kate Spade's lovely stationery. Totally reflects the young, vibrant side of Filofax!

    Congrats to all the winners!

  2. HOORAY!!!!!Thank you so much Imy & filofax!!I'm soooo happy and excited!!can't wait to meet my new filofax.thanks very much for this opportunity xxx

  3. Thank yooooooouuu!! <3
    so excited and I MUST say! that is a BEAUTIFUL ENTRY!!love it!!! xxx

  4. Thank you so much for your efforts, I love your blog and I am so happy I won (Filomaniac).

    Thanks again Imy !!!!

  5. I haven't been emailed yet, has anyone else?