02 October 2011

Filofax Reveal - I think this may be the ONE!


As you remember i showed you a bag from the Philofaxy Meet up last week! 
And now you LUCKY people are going to get to see all my purchases! 

It will mainly be a picture blog post! Sorry I can't think of much to say about it, i will obviously tell you about all the inserts i bought etc.... YAY!!!

So first of all the bags, yes BAGS!!!

In the small bag i have the following, i am going to break it down, dont worry!!!

Diaries, Day to a page and Month to view with tabs! YAY! I also have year to view and pink week to view! 

Lots of colour paper, i have ordered another set since as well! I like to colour coordinated!

To Do lists, yes two packets i write alot of to-dos! 

Birthdays pages

Credit Card holders and plastic wallets! 

Hole punch! For my handbag, i know that not everyone agrees with the plastic one, but its what i wanted :-) 

Jot pads YAY! Love them!

Then some lovely things Judith gave me or Jotje, I love her!!! :-) 

They are so pretty and look great in the Filofax!

Then Dee had given us a goodie bags! 

It came with lots of useful inserts which i will use! YAY

Now on to the Filofax

I bought it empty!

I love this Filofax I will show you it in alot more detail soon!! 

My receipt even had my name on it!

Hope you enjoyed that unboxing!!! YAY


  1. Ah, those pictures look great. I've not had a chance yet to set up my Pocket Malden. This week may be, after I've done a review of it.

  2. Glad you like the tab dividers so much! I agree that they must look great in combination with the grey Malden!

  3. Love hearing about your purchases and of course, i adore your grey pocket Malden. My filo has a twin!

  4. Jotje - I LOVE THEM!!! Thank you so much has made my malden look lovely!

    Cacti - thank you :-) Love it so much xxxx

  5. seeing all those great inserts makes me want to USE my pocket Malden! I found a shop here in Vancouver that sells Filo products and I picked up a few things for my A5 and personal, and I did look at the pocket ones, but didn't buy any in that format because I haven't figured out the use I am going to have for the pocket.

  6. Terri - is it Charell's in Sinclair Centre or is there somewhere else I haven't found yet?

  7. Oh my, it looks beautiful! I'm very jealous but this makes me so excited for the November meet :D

  8. @Beverly - it is Avalon Stationers on West 4th. OH, I didn't know about Charal's!

  9. Ooh, wow, awesome! I'm considering downsizing to a Pocket (possibly a Malden) in black (so I can refer to my little black book).