04 October 2011

Grey Gravy Granule Pocket Malden, What's in it?


Alot of people ALWAYS request me to do a "What's in your Filofax" blog post and I NEVER end up doing them, but guess what I am going to do one about what is in my New Grey Pocket Malden!

It is not set up for next year with all the diaries I bought in London I am using for next year are completely different, there are 4 of them in total, a Day per a page, month to view with tabs, week to view and a year to view, its going to be very complicated and will do an updated post nearer the time, but for now i will show you my current set up, its not as exciting as that will be! (I might even do a post soon to explain the whole thing). BUT it has got some very pretty bits, which are thank you to a fellow Filofax lover and her AMAZING pocket set up!!! Which you know im obsessed with that post!!

Anyway so now on to the actual insides of my Pocket Filofax after that VERY LONG introduction!!!

I know the cover does not look the proper cover but i was too excited and completely in the mood at work to write this!

Now if you see the inside, i will show you what is in that lovely looking set of pockets!

Bit bazzar collection i know but i have, some petals from the flower Tali bought us at the meet up, a letter from my boyfriend from years ago, jot pad, £10 off voucher from Staples, HSBC Online Banking thing and finally a Worry doll, i do actually use it and tell it all my worries, ive had it since i was about 10 or so, and it really does work!

The first tab which you can see above is Info, and behind this i have just information things, things i need to remember i have, my details and emergency details, birthdays and telephone numbers: -

A list of all the Direct Debits that i have, a budget for the month, how to order prescriptions from the doctors, log ins for Intersex UK and finally a Tube Map.

Then the next tab is Agenda!

These tabs are from Jotje, Thank you so much Jotje!!! Love you!!!

This is where my 2 days to a page diary is and not much else!

There will be more to tell you about this section in my "updated" blog post in a few months!!!

Next section is Notes, but it looks like it says, no titties, yes i know, i have been corrupted in my office!!!

Behind this i have to do lists and lots of other lists, Christmas lists all sorts!

Then i have my 2 bucket lists, one is Holidays to go on and the other is my actual bucket list they are not nearly filled in enough to be happy with!!

Then Pro's and Cons about a boob reduction, i have been considering alot recently!!

The final tab is Alfabet, but i dont really use this so i will show you what is at the back of my Pocket!

Tickets to the NEXT Philofaxy Meet up!!!

And a random Flex Year to view pocket diary, i found in my room!

And that is ALL that is in my Malden and how im using it, if you have any questions i will do another post soon to cover a bit extra!!

I hope you have enjoyed it!!!



  1. two things:

    1. i totally, totally, TOTALLY love this post! you are making me want to try pocket again!!

    2. i was lucky enough to score a couple of @jotje's cool tabs at the nyc meetup and i was allover the "notities" one as well. great minds ; )

    ok make that three things...

    3. i see coming to the us is on your places to visit list...if you do, you'd better let me know when you're coming so we can hang out <3

  2. Fab post Imy!!!!! I love the dividers!! It is a very colourful Filofax :) xxxx

  3. Don't get your boobs reduced!
    I know what it's like TRUST me.. i just bought a 32H :(
    I hate when people are jealous of me, cause they don't know how irritating they are! I haven't ran properly in about two years and I have to buy all my clothes much bigger than I need.
    BUT you have to have two whole operations to reduce them and it's actually quite dangerous, much more so than a normal boob job.. and it's expensive and there'll be scars.
    Love yourself!

  4. Zoe - 1. Thank you I love pocket im a convert!

    2. they are so nice and they do say NO TITTIES!!!! hehe

    3. i will definatly let you knwo if i come dont worry!!!

    Icclewu - Thank you its so prerty i feel proud!!

    Dollface - im not 100% getting it done but im really considering it as i am haiving alot of problems, im at a 36HH at the moment and there getting bigger, i can get it done on the NHS beacause of my condition and they keep growing from my HRT its not nice :-(

    but im more against the idea then for the idea, i might try a corset or something for position or something?? not too sure....

  5. I love that you put the dividers to such good use, they do look awesome with the grey colour of the Malden. And I laughed with tears on the No Titties thing, you're hilarious!!!!LOL

  6. That is really a great post! I love what's in your Filofax and how you set it up!!!
    One suggestion: Add Kyoto to your places to see, it's much more beautiful than Tokyo. And you will see loads of lovely little trees ;-)