19 October 2012

Filofax Collection of the Week

Every Friday I would like to have a different person post a Picture on my blog as a guest post on the Friday, it will be of their Filofax Collection, and then they just need to answer two questions:

Which Filofax is your favorite?

Which do you most regret selling?

I will start this week, but my collection is tiny, and I have only one Filofax (SHOCK HORROR) as you all know I used to have nearly 20 Filofaxes and I never really posted a photo of them all together. I wish I had,I have bought and sold so many I actually do not think I could remember them all.... I will try to write a quick list....

A5 Strada
A5 Cuban Zip Chilli Red
A5 Bond
A5 Finsbury Pink
Pocket Special Edition Swarovski Crystal x 2
Personal Amazona
Personal Zipped Cuban x 2
Personal Finchley
Pocket Finchley
Pocket Metropol Pink
Pocket Breast Cancer x 2
Personal Songbird
Personal Panama
Pocket Finsbury
Personal Deco
Personal Kendal
A5 Finchley
A5 Zipped Metropol
Slimline Adelphi
A5 Adelphi
Personal Malden
Pocket Malden
Pocket Zipped Malden
Flex by Filofax
Personal Osterley
Personal Domino x 2

I cannot think of any more but I know there has been a lot more!!! That is probably 5/8 of them!

But here is my current Filofax collection...


Which Filofax is your favorite?

My Compact Regency, as it is my only, and it is the only one I would be unable to part with!

Which do you most regret selling? 

A5 Cuban Zip as it was so beautiful and large and just felt important!

If you are interested in taking part in this feature and showing off your collection and answering the two simple questions email me!!! Filofaximy@live.com


  1. Really, only one? Is there not even one behind the fridge lurking with the giant dustballs which only come out when the telephone engineer comes to reconnect the internet? I felt a bit of a fraud on Philofaxy as I have only one filofax (my writing notebook) in use though I do have an obscene number of planners in and two retired filos:) Now I can come out of my self imposed exile - I am not the only one!!

  2. Wow: 1 filofax - I cannot believe this.

  3. I'm impressed that you sold them all!