31 October 2012

Midori Traveler's Notebook Inserts

Eeeeeek got a bit excited and ordered lots of Traveler's Notebook accessories

Then another website sent me a 20% discount for one day only which sold Midori Notebooks!

I am going to tell you the different inserts in the picture above then over the next few weeks I am going to do a post on each in detail with paper test etc...  It shall be fun!

The inserts I have above are:

021 - Connection bands - for adding extra notebooks to your Midori
020 - Kraft File - just has pockets in made of brown card, I like it
014 - Kraft Paper - 64 sheets
013 - Cheaper paper with 128 sheets
008 - Plastic wallet with zip pocket
2012 & 2012 Diary - will cover both in same post
002 - Quadrulled paper - 64 sheets
003 - Plain Notepad - 64 sheets - comes standard with the notebook!

If there is anything you want to hear about sooner rather than later let me know! (this is not the order in which I will review them)


  1. Hi Imy,
    I'd love to know if the paper is good for fountain pens? xxx

  2. These are awesome, really looking forward to the future posts on the Midori :)xx

  3. Anita - That will be coming soon :D

    Jess - There will be alot of them coming....its my new "filofax" x

  4. These midori posts are fun to read imy!