02 September 2011

Filofax Around the World Fun

Hello Philofaxy community!

I have a big request for you, it may sound a bit odd at first but, what I am requesting is the following: -

I am looking for people to take in part and if your willing comment below and I will give you more information!

So my idea is to make up a Filofax of the world, with all the things people love about Philofaxy and their Filofaxes,  I kind of want to have a Filofax with a bit from everyone, to be noseyed at. And too see why people love Filofaxes so much!

It to be sent to different Philofaxy meet ups, around the world, with pictures and it be like a binder of history, like a Filofax museum! But with peoples views and pictures in!

I know this may all sound a bit bazzar but it all started with me thinking I should send a Filofax around the Philofaxy community, then they put in something from where they I’ve and a little description about why they love Filofaxes, I thought it would be an interesting international project!

I was talking about it on twitter and some peoples seemed quite interested! So I am wondering would you prefer to just send some stuff to me. Well anyway I would love to hear your views on this idea?

And if you are interested in taking part email me at filofaximy@live.com

Look forward to hearing from you all!!!



  1. Sounds like a fab idea. I love to see what others use theirs for. There are so many different ways to put one together. Most excellent. Count me in!! :)

  2. aww i love it :o) sign me up! xx

  3. Imy
    What an excellent idea... I would love to take part in this and provide you with some photos from meet ups to go in the binder.

    It would be great for a page or two to go in there let people add their notes about Philofaxy/the meet up they are at (a bit like a visitors book)

    I will give you some lessons in packing a Filofax so that it survives the terrors of the postal services.

    A link to this post will be going in the next webfinds.

    Look forward to chatting with you about this idea a bit more.

    Well done.


  4. Imy - I love this idea too! I can email you some pictures from the NYC meet up, as well as the one we're having on Sept. 17. I will email you to get further instructions. =)

  5. OH! OH! OHHHHHH!!! I love the idea! ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!Excuse the use of capital letters, but this is such a great idea! I know some snail-mail lovers already do it with notebooks. Count me in whenever you like. ( ps I am an eager philofaxy reader, just not a contributor as yet )

  6. Hi Imy!

    I would also like to take part in this! A great idea!! :)

    Ooh I got so excited! :D

  7. I will keep you all updated! were going to disucss soon :-)

    Steve we shall talk at meet up!

    Kanalt yes you can send some pics :-) yay

    So glad people love the idea!!!

    Will do another post soon telling you more details!!!!!!!!!