31 August 2011

Pocket Domino WINNER!!!!!!

Pocket Domino Filofax Review + Giveaway WINNER!!!!!

Me and a colleague at work (who was forced in to this) helped me choose a winner, I chose the 3 best answers, then I let her read through them, and chose the winner!

I will tell you who I chose in no particular order.

  1. Jotje entering for her daughter, which I thought was so cute, I would love to see a mum and daughter with matching Filofaxes, and two people had voted for her, Ro and Steve!

  1. Ghostie, who does not have a Filofax from the sounds of it and really wanted a nice diary for the new term!

  1. And finally Caroline who entered just a day before the end of the competition, saying how she needs a nice Filofax as she has a rubbish diary that’s falling apart!

Now it was VERY VERY hard to choose the winner! And when I say very hard I mean very very hard! As they all had such great reasons!

I didn’t want to just pick one at random, so that was where my colleage at work came in, she knows how mad about Filofaxes I am so I gave her the three I liked best to choose the winner, there was one I was slightly leaning towards, but I didn’t want to be the one to choose!

So the winner is CAROLINE!!!!!

Not only had she entered this competition with the following entry: -

I would love the gorgeous ultraviolet filofax for a number of different reasons:

1) my current diary is pants and has fallen apart (this is the diary i photographed for the filofax college competition)
2) purple is my most favourite colour, it would look wonderful in my purple bag, with my purple phone and my purple purse.
3) i desperately need a filofax to get my life/social life in order
4) i'm in a filofax college without owning a filofax...wtf is that about!

Please please please pick me to win this gorgeous piece of handbag candy
- Caroline x

Which she gave plenty of reasons to have one! And she had also entered Filofax Colleges competition to win the Special Edition Filofax!

Here was her entry for that, the picture did make me want her to win a Filofax just because how can you love Filofaxes and not have one?


Look out for the voting for the Special Filofax College competition later!

Caroline if you could contact me at filofaximy@live.com we will sort out postage!!!!! (or on Facebook)



  1. Yay! Congrats Caroline! You do need a Filofax instead of that crazy little thing you were using!

  2. Well-deserved winner! Huuuuge congrats from me aswell! Love that you finally have a proper fill to sort your life out!

  3. Thank You So Much Imy & Everyone That Has Commented.
    I've already promised Imy that I will post a photo of me and my spanky new filo once i recieve it!
    Much Love !!