30 September 2011

Haul Fat Face & Staples

Happy Weekend!!

Today I had the day booked off to get my next T injection as I am so low on hormones, my last injection ran out 2 or so weeks ago, I’m feeling very low and rubbish.

I got a phone call yesterday from the Doctors  cancelling my appointment as in the 2 weeks they have had they have been unable to get a T injection to the surgery in time! Sorry but I just have so much trouble to get my HRT that I am getting so fed up with it all, it brings me to tears.

So I still went to my mums today and saw my kitten, I have missed her!

She’s miniature, she is an adult now but so small, its adorable! I love her! Ive not seen her in a few months :-(

We went shopping in my local town to get birthday presents for my dad and grandma, got my grandmas but not my dads, did not have a clue what to buy him!

I will show you my reveal then explain it, my mother was very nice to me, when I only wanted to try it on then buy online when I get paid next month!

Little Dora loves to get in all the pictures!

So furry inside! Even has an earphones slot and pocket to put phone in! eeek!!!!!


She bought me a pair of jeans too as they fitted! And SIZE 14 (I’m normally size 16 so I’ve lost weight)

I bought this little bracltey for charity £2.50

What an amazing load of things!

I also bought some things from staples £5 for 3 sets of the Avery labels YAY I have been wanting to try them for AGES!!!

I will review them sooon!!!!

That is everything, my grans present is already wrapped!

Hope you enjoyed it!!!



  1. Ah you bought the furry gillet. It looks lovely. And warm I bet. Xxxx

  2. Icclewu - I didnt :-( my mum did :-D

  3. Those Avery tabs are great for making your own Filofax section tabs.

    Like your cat too, I will have to post some more pictures of George our cat

  4. Steve - I agreee :-) I will show how ive used them, but there alot thicker than expected.... feel too good to use :-)

    Thank you shes cute, look forward to seeing george :-)

  5. I was looking for some tabs in whs but couldn't find any :o( only got one staples by me that I know of and not sure how to get there LOL
    Probs best since I'm trying not to spend ;o)

  6. Oh I am sorry you are feeling low :-( But I am glad you have a lovely mummy and kitty to make you feel better :-)
    Your hat is very cute too.

  7. CP - Thanks just without hormones i feel very low :-(

    I know i am very lucky :-) so happy :-d

    Thank you i hate that hat :-( its just to flatten my hair hehe xx