13 September 2011

Office Depot Sticky Notes Review

Today my stationery order came (well the one for the office). I wanted to try some different post it notes (well not actual branded, there sticky notes sorry, how un PC of me).

So I ordered these which came in a set of 12, with four different colours!

There not all really neon like there supposed to be the Green and Orange were a bit of a let down to be honest!

But my two favourites are the Pink and Yellow!

At this moment how much do you all want me to be your Secretary, getting the best post it notes, but for cheap prices! And you will see more about what I do at work at the bottom for birthdays!

I first of all started with a sticking test! To see how well they stuck to things, there actually REALLY sticky, not too sticky not too little sticky, there perfect!!

I have had four stuck on my desk throughout the day since I have got them and there all still standing!

The next test was the feel of the paper used, it feels like 80gsm so normal paper quality, which is perfect!

The final test was when you write on them with a biro does it go through, are they see through or anything like that does the colour change etc… you get the idea!

So here is my test, I wrote, it was a bit random but I wrote the date and the temperature:

It didn’t come through the paper, but the ink changed to more of a darker blue, as it’s a normal blue biro!

But the pen wrote lovely on the paper so that was an extra bonus!!!

So all in all these post it notes are AMAZING!!!

Exactly what you need!!!

So if you’re the stationery buyer and you shop on Viking just do it, there amazing quality and I'm a very happy (non customer, but happy to use at work hehe).

I promised I would show you what I do for peoples birthdays in my office, this is going to make you all want me as your Personal Assistant haha!

On the desk there is confetti!!!!

See how great I am!!!

Anyway I hope you have enjoyed this review/birthday decoration!



  1. Haha. I love the fact that you are at work and you are blogging!! Fantastic. The "sticky notes" look good. I tend to use the super sticky nowadays as I hate them coming off. Love the birthday thing you do too xxxx

  2. Icclewu - I did it at lunch time, but only managed to publish it around 10 past lunch time :_( i love stick notes and was so excited when the viking man came! :-D hehe

  3. I love how very thorough you were on your stickies testing! Bravo! I'd go and buy some based on your review (but won't because I have a house full of post-its that will supply me for years to come).

  4. My boss's birthday is tomorrow. He's only in his 40s, but that would be so funny to hang in his office. XD

  5. Aspire to be - Well you have to check them as some cheap ones can be awful but these were AMAZING :- )

    hehe :-) im going to start testing stick notes properly!!! :-D hehe

    Mrs G - do it do it do it! I would do it for my boss as well, but only on big birthdays! hehe