04 October 2011

Beautiful S&L Filofax Dividers!


Since starting my Filofax College two lovely ladies from it have decided to start to make some pretty dividers, as not everyone is crafty, i thought i would share it with you all, as i know you all like to customise your Filofaxes, well they have decided to create lovely dividers using different card, including some famous designs i.e. Cath Kidston.

So if you are looking for something pretty to make your Filofax look beautiful check out their Facebook Page - S&L Filofax Craft Designs afterall i know alot of people want to make them look pretty but just dont have the time or just are not very good at craft so have a look at some of their designs below, then if your interested go on their Facebook page and contact them!! 




All the dividers are double sided as well so not just pretty on one side!!!

Hope you enjoy!  Would love to see pictures of some in peoples Filofaxes!!!



  1. cuuuuuute! i've accosted their facebook page
    i should make some but i am SO LAZY. and i don't even have a gluestick..
    i tried to once and just sellotaped a picture of my boyfriend to an existing divider

    wish i was as crafty as these girls

  2. Dollface - thats why i thought i would share them as there lovely :-)

    I want to make some but have some really nice ones i was given by a friend last weeek, whcih were in my malden post the other day hehe :-)