09 October 2011

Cute Cats & Lunch

Today I met up with a lovely lady from down the road, who used to give me a lift to work everyday until she was moved to a different branch, we had a lovely catch up lunch, was great to see her! I miss traveling with her!

After we went to the local RSPCA place and looked at the animals, I took photos of my Favorite Cats you will see below!

Seriously try and say these are not cute cats!

cat 1

cat 2

cats 3

cats 4

cats 5

cat 6

This little black and white kitten reminds me so much of Jess :-(

And if i was going to adopt a Cat this is the one I would choose (the one at the front) (There was three of them!)

cat 7 fav

I hope you enjoyed my little cat adventure with a lovely lady! I really want one! :'-(


  1. I can't go to those places because I just want to adopt all of them!

    They all look so lovely :) xxx

  2. Fevvers - I know what you mean :-)

    They were there was this one really old one, it was a grumpy old cat it kept meowing in a grumpy way, was cute :-) xxx

  3. The second one looks just like George! But they are all so cute.

  4. They're all so cute! I'd have them all if I could. Can see myself being a mad cat woman when I'm old hahaa!

  5. I so wish i could have one of them but my bf mum isnt a fan of cats and im really really alergic to their fur hehe xxx

  6. that little all-black one is really cute, if I were a cat person!

  7. awww, hopefully, soon they will all find good homes & good people to love!