09 October 2011

Stabilo Point 88 Fine 0.4 Pen Reivew

I recently ordered two Stabilo Point 88's from Cult Pens the best pen site in the world! They have AMAZING delivery and just such amazing customer service! 

I ordered a beautiful Pink and Violet (but its more of a dark purple). 

Some more up close pictures!

When writing these pens feel lovely to hold you have to hold them at more of an angle then normal but i find it makes my writing a lot neater, which is a good thing of course!  They write very smoothly, they do soak through thinner paper a bit, the pink one not so much but the purple definatly does. 

I did a small Filofax paper test.

This was applying very little pressure, about the normal amount, the more pressure you apply the more it goes through now that's stating the obvious i know but still.

The grip is very comfortable. When putting the cap on I am always so worried about catching the nib and bending it (it happened to me when i was very little).

But i love these pens and i want to get a big selection of them i have ordered some similar ones that are a different brand which i will review when i get them!! Eeeeek I love pens!!!

Out of 10 i would give them 9, only a bit down as they go through on normal Filofax paper but then what pens don't? I haven't tried it on cotton cream paper, but i will do that when i do a comparison between the other brand! 

Sorry it wasn't the longest review, but i am going to have more when i compare the two just wanted to test out my new picture ideas. Thank you for looking :-) xxxx


  1. Is that an actual story you are writing out there or just randomness? Cos I really wanna know what happens??? :o) x

  2. i have the big pack of about 20 of them, they were only £10 in Rymans (that's where you can get them cheapest) = 50p per pen, and such an array of gorgeous colours!

  3. I've never been on the Cult Pens website. Thanks for the link.

  4. Tali - Just the random sort of thing that goes on in my head!

    TPS - Oooo thats good i think mine were 85p each bt then i only ordered two, future list a whole pack of 20 :-) just wanted to try them first!!!! Eeeek

    Millie - They have the best customer service and such fast delivery you spend £10 then you get free delivery :-) eeeek there amazing :-) x

  5. oh no, I stopped using them a few years ago...
    the colors are great but they started bleeding! I don't know how it works but they are bleeding after a few years and have this "color glow" which makes notes unreadable...