12 September 2011

Filofax Affair - Sorry Malden!


As you all know I'm always in search of the PERFECT Filofax!!!

And I believe I found it, I know that the Malden is the Perfect Personal Filofax, I could not get any more perfect when it comes to a Personal Filofax than I have with that one!

But I had a little bit of excitement the other week and was obsessing over a Filofax, so I messaged Dee to see if they had any in stock and how much was it, as it was discontinued I was thinking, oo that might be cheap!

And it was! Dee got back to me and oh I was so excited I asked her to reserve it for the Filofax Meet up so I could buy it on the day, but she said we cant reserve sale stock, so I decided I will wait, and hope!

A week passed it was all I could think of, I discussed with people over twitter they kept telling me to buy it!

I didn’t have the money for it at all, but then its only money, so I phoned her on the Friday before bank holiday Monday and said, I want it, I gave her my details and she put it through for me, I was worried the bank may decline it, I hadn’t checked my bank account balance, but I had to have it. I sold some Filofaxes to make up for it!

Then on the Wednesday I was talking with a friend who had also ordered it but in Scarlet! She said the post man had been and gone and no Filofax, I started to panic I was getting worried. Out of no where around 12 o’clock the POST MAN ARRIVED!

He had a parcel I felt so nervous yet so excited, it was it! I was just screaming and jumping all over the place inside, but outside I was cool as a cucumber, I signed for it and then waited until he left the room and took a photo of the packaging!

She had sent it SPECIAL DELIVERY I felt so special for it coming like that!

What beautiful writing she has!

I turned it over and saw the address sticker my heart fluttered with excitement!

I opened it carefully and there was a HUGE black box, the special gift wrap box, as I slid it out I felt ever so excited!

As I lifted the lid I could see an invoice it had all the details on it, where it had come from the price etc, Dee had even put a smiley face on it! I felt very privileged to have got that! Lucky lady working in the most AMAZING shop in the world!

Postage said £7, but I looked on the box and it had come to £9 something, it made me feel even more special, I just could not believe my luck opening all this!

Did you see it was £90 now £45, what a bargain I had got!

Under the invoice was something I did not expect, it was a Filofax bag, I felt confused, but put it to the side to investigate later!

Then I got to the beautiful tissue paper, how can they make such beautiful tissue paper, its just dream like.

I carefully unwrapped it worried there would be something hugely wrong with it as it was so cheap or just something to ruin this perfect moment, but nothing I was amazed!

Then in front of me was my new baby! Looking so shiny, as soon as I saw her I decided on a name, Coco!

I opened her to see the diary pages that Dee had put in for me to look at, oh it made me so interested to have the 2 days per a page, don’t they seem like heaven!

So I put the Filofax to one side and had a look at what things Dee had put in the bag!

There was this whole set with dividers different papers everything I was so excited even a set for a pocket!

Just too many things to list!

I will leave you on that note, and I will come back after the Philofaxy meet up with a “Whats in my Filofax post”, so you can see how she is set up and how I'm using her, all her pockets and everything!

Love from Coco and I!



  1. Congrats Imy, it looks gorgeous and I see what you had to name it what you did!! Now you need a Chanel bag, or do you have one already?!

  2. Coco is absolutely lovely! So very elegant and classic - and the 'quilting' look of the Adelphi always did remind me of CHANEL! Great Filofax - lovely (appropriate) name, a wonderful addition, you must be so happy :) !!

  3. Cat - I WISH!!!!!!! That will be my 30th present to myself hehe ;-)

    she is lovely :-) and nice to hold!!!

    Aspire to be - she feels very much like the lambskin, i know she isnt lambskin but thats how she feels eheh :-D I love her :-) and i am a happy mother ;-) hehe xxx

  4. that's an awesome haul of goodies there! I can't believe you're ditching Malden. ;-) It's funny, that new binder you got doesn't move me at all, but it is very pretty and classy looking. Have fun setting it up!

  5. Terriknits - im not leaving my malden just love the size of adelphi hehe :-) dont worry im sure i will be back in no tiem ;-) xxx

  6. Imy - I got one of these recently when I went to London - I've always loved the Adelphi. I got the slimline A5 - no strap and smaller rings - I wanted something I could travel with. I use a black A5 amazona on my desk which I love totally but can get bulky. My new quest is to find a black amazona in personal size (has to be a really good price I'm afraid!) - I'm telling everyone in case someone directs me to one!

  7. Alison - you may be in luck as i may be selling one, i havent 100% decided yet but its in perfect condition!!!!

    I love the slimline A5 tho :-D xxxx

  8. What amazing customer service! Dee should be promoted to CEO of FIlofax!