07 August 2011

Philofaxy Round Table - August YAY

Bonjourno Philofaxy People

I just had a wonderful conversation with people on the Philofaxy Round Table, we just need to all get suits of armor and a sward now! 

Just want to say sorry I was an hour late and missed some of you! 

After reading Jotje’s lovely guest post on Philofaxy, click here to read how AMAZING it is, and look at those lovely dividers! And I completely agree with her about the colour of the Vintage Pink Malden, Meat! Completely! Its not pink!

Anyway back to my subject in mind!

After this lovely chat I had with them all I have decided what I am buying when I go to the Philofaxy meet up in September,  and im so excited as it was between a pocket and an A5, when I NEVER use A5’s at all!!!

So I have decided to go for a Pocket Malden! Obviously I need to carry out my pocket trial first to make sure it will defiantly work for me, but considering I’m using a different page layout now to what I will be using I’m sure it will work!

But the main problem I have is, THE COLOUR, as they are not making a Barbie Malden yet, I will go in to that discussion in a minute, it is between, black, grey or ochre, I don’t think I could go for crimson, as I have the crimson Malden, but maybe…you never know!

I also had some help to try and find out if they sell these month to view with tabs Filofax inserts for the pocket, I know they do it in Personal, I know they have it in the France online store, but I’m not sure? Otherwise I’m ordering from France in October!

Now the most important thing I need to point out now is!

Filofax need to make a Barbie Malden, a special Barbie edition in pocket size! The inside of this beautiful planner will be all Barbie orientated, like the diary will have Barbie logos, pink pages and everything adorable and cute! But FOR ADULTS!

So Filofax I hope you see this request, maybe even a one off, only one ever made for me would be great ;-) hehe

Anyway that was what I got from our lovely Skype chat!

We did talk about so much more but there the most important things I have learnt from today!

That’s all for now Much Love <3 xxx

Thank you Filofax King for having these lovely Skype meetings! 

Did anyone ever notice that this is my favorite website? hehe


  1. What about your pocket crystal filofax? I must say everyone seems to dislike the smaller filofaxes but I love my lyndhurst mini. You have to be clever about how much you put in it though but i can fit in everything i want :)


  2. ATG - Oh i am going to use my pocket special one, but im saving it for next year, I dont want to use it too much as its so pretty, i dont want it getting all scuffed and used, i want it looking pristine (Im going to make it a pouch) i jsut want to have two pockets, so i can ultinate between them and swap the contents every few months heh

    I have been thinking about what i need to put in there and im pretty sure i can have the same stuff i have in my normal malden but better organised etc, and easier to carry :-D

    I cannot wait to buy it all hehe

  3. O right. You have good self control lol. When i get a new one i have to use it straight away! Yeah there is always the issue of general wear and tear that ruins your favourite filofax! Haha good idea! Yeah having two is useful! Yeah especially for all your old stuff and spare stuff.

    Yeah I just LOVE the maldens layout! The pockets it has are so cool! and no other filofax has anything like it! I want one :(


  4. ATG :-) I am proud of myself as i usually have to use something, but it feels too good to use when its going to get ruined by pen and all, its such a beautiful Filofax to just be touched and held and hugged! (yes i hug my Filofaxes)

    I really hope i get in to the pocket size, im doing an experiment with a cheap one i have bought off ebay for £4 just as an experiement to see if i can live with it, as its better than using my special one early or spending £60 and it being too small or something, but i believe i can do it! :-) x

  5. Imy - so you should be and I believe you can do it too. Haha there is nothing wrong with hugging them :).

    O right that is a good idea. Yes it saves ruining the nice one or wasting money. Out of interest did filofax send you the special addition one free? It wasnt clear in your video.


  6. ATG - Yes they sent me 2, one as a present, one by accident, so they let me give one away :-) SO EXCITING!!!!

    You need to enter :-)

  7. Imy - Thats so nice of them! Thats even nicer of them! It is very!

    Haha I do! I just cant think of like an amazing place to take a photo. I was gonna go to madame tusauds in london and maybe take a picture of it with a celebrity or something thought that might be quite good. I would want to deprive someone of that amazing filofax though its a bit feminine for me :P

  8. ATG - It is very nice of them, but when you work out all the hours i have spent working on the videos of Filfoaxes and any blog posts i would probably or earnt hundreds at minimum wage lol :-)

    that sounds like a great idea!!!!! you have to do it!!! :-) get a good celebrity tho ;-) hehe

  9. Imy - yes I suppose when you put it like that they owe you haha! You have probably encouraged tones of sales and should earn commision!

    Thanks :). Haha ok I will try. I was thinking maybe one of gagas figures there? When does your comp end? have many people entered?

  10. ATG - I know i have sold alot of Filofaxes to people i even have takan friends in to shops to buy them! I bet ive sold 10 or 20 in the past 5 months! hehe

    DEFINATLY LADY GAGA!!!!!!! <3 hehe

    I didnt know she had one, does she, if she does i have to go back!!!

    31 Augsut 2011

    I think 15 have entered so far!!!

    But in the end its up to the public im just choosing my 5 favorites and i love lady gaga hehe

  11. Imy - Haha! Ive only managed to turn one person and they didnt buy one they dug out one they have been given as a gift. Still went to london filofax store with them and bought loads lol.

    Ok I shall see what i can do :)

    Ok I can get to london by then. Ill put that date in my filofax!! ;) :)

    Yeah she has like 5 all with different outfits i think. Yes it is worth a visit!

    O right so i have a good chance then :D

  12. So are all 5 different outfits in london or is it only one in each country! Oh i love her <3 im sad :-(


    I cant wait until people have to start voting as it then out of my hands and everyone else can decide who wins :-D hehe

  13. Ahh just read it on the website, there are 7 of her all around the world and there is one in london. Its the Johnathon ross telephone outfit i think??


    Haha sameeee! They need to make a massive one!!

    Yeah that will be fun. Alot of preasure off of your shoulders haha. I cant wait to see them all and vote! Your video made me laugh so much when you were like "nothing creepy."

  14. ATG - The nothing creepy thing came because, i entered a surfing comp not long ago with a pic of my cleavage, and a ginger boy was nakid with a sticker covering his bits, so that was the creepyness lol

    Yes i saw it and she looks good :-) I want to be photoed with her ;-) hehe

  15. Imy - Haha yes i completley understand.

    Yeah same she is such an inspiration!