15 November 2011

The Big Move!

As you all know yesterday i posted that i just got a Cuban Zipped Personal Size in Saddle Brown! Well here is my move from my Finchley to my Cuban!

Now i really really really love my Finchley in Vintage Rose so much, its so beautiful, the leather is soft, there is not really one bad thing that i can say about it BUT i have filled it too much, there isn't even anything i can take out to make it emptier! So I needed something bigger, which is where the Zipped comes in, the rings are 30mm instead of 23mm and it is zipped to all my paper i put in for no reason is SAFE!

Here is the Finchley BEFORE :

As you can see she was very full, I also wanted to use the new dividers Christa had made for me! :-)

I didnt take any photos during the move as i forgot, was so wrapped up in my little world, but in a few days i will do a whats in my Filofax post!

But here are the "after" photos!

I will do my what's in my filofax post either this week or next week! :-D

Nearly time for the UK Meet up!

Did you see what i have for sale?



  1. Ahhhh, Imy, perfect as ever! Will you please stop giving me ideas, my credit card is in real trouble already, hehe! Enjoy your beauty, ain't life great anyway??? *

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  3. Vanjilla - The only thing in life that is great is Filofaxes, there all i have, i hug them at night lol

    This is a lovely Filofax and you deserve one ;-) oh im a good enabler!!! x

  4. Filofax as a survival tactic, huh? I know what you mean! ;)
    (I know you'll do just fine!)

    And, honestly, thank you for enabling/motivating, I so need it since everyone around here just stares blankly at my stash of Filofaxes growing, not having a clue what's it all about, lol!

    And since you're at ranting about wrong Filofax information, would you please include my rant as well= when will people on eBay learn the difference between A5 and personal size????? Grrrr.

    PS And please, be so kind and erase my 2nd copy of comment to your post; must've been the shine of your Cuban that blocked my brain, hehe!

  5. Vanjilla - I thought i had removed the second comment :-( obviously pressed the wrong button and published instead of deleted :-(

    Well my Filofax is my best friend, i can tell it all my secrets i can do everything with it, it holds everything and it will only tell if i want it too, i have the things i love the most in there and i have things that make me safe :-) There is nothing about my filofax that doesnt look after me :-( I just wish it would hug me back!

    it is good to have a nice big stash!!! :-D hehe

    Re the rant - i was trying to share the filofaxes on sale, but i had to rant before someone pointed it out other than me lol for a company so large how can they of got it so wrong!!! lol xxx

  6. Imy, do you still have pale blue Topaz?I would love to contribute towards your meet up fund by buying it! Hugs from ATL, Kasia

  7. Imy,do you still have pale blue Topaz? I would love to contribute to your meet up fund by buying it.

  8. I love your Cuban!! Looking forward to the what's in your filofax post.

  9. KAsia - SORRY!!! it is for my mum for christmas! Else i would sell it, but its too pretty! lol xxx

  10. HI Imy - where did the very pretty dividers and ruler come from?

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  12. Love this new filofax, I had my heart set on an ochre malden but I quite like this one now...! Cant wait for the more detailed post!