05 October 2011

How To Cheer Up Your Desk - Adorable Desk Decorations Part 1

Todays Adorable Desk Decorations will be some Sticky Note Bunting for your desk, you could even make it for a party, it may take a while but looks so effective! 

I was sitting at my desk at the beggining of lunch and thought, oh i could make some adorable bunting for my desk! So i did!!! And here is how you can do it, its easy, taks 5 minutes tops and can turn your dull desk from normal office to adorable cute place to work, which will help with your motivation and also help you to be more efficient!

To make these decorations you need:

5 Minutes when your boss isn't around (preferably lunch time)
Stick Notes, any shape size or colour, thats up to you!
String or ribbion, but in your office String, if you dont have string cut up 3 elastic bands!
Scissors (not too important)
Pen (if you want to decorate)

To start off you need to get your post it notes then pick them up in the colour order you want and stick them together until you get a pile.

It saves time when putting it together.

Once you have got them in the order you want (you can change the order any time its not set in stone).

Put your sticky note lying down on the table with sticky side facing up, then lie the string accross the centre, you can use tape to hold the string in place but its not necessary.

Then fold it in half, from corner to corner.

Once you have folded it get your stapler and then staple just below where the string goes through as you want to be able to slide it along the string to adjust the distance!

It should look like this!

You repeat the process until you have the desired amount and patter of sticky notes!

Trim the string so you can have it to the lenght you want.

Which will then look like this:

After you can either keep it plan and stick it up or you can do a pattern, the pattern can be anything you want below are some examples!

I hope you have enjoyed todays installment of how to make your desk look pretty! 

If you do some really amazing examples of these upload the pictures to the Filofax College Flickr Group!



  1. This is AWESOME Imy!!!! U never fail to make me smile ;) xxxx

  2. it´s so mad, that our IT-Person made "media sharing not allowed".
    Can´t see any of your flickr pictures.

    .... i´m getting very nosy now... damn

  3. Hi Imy, I just wanted to say how much I love your blog! I found it through philofaxy and it really does brighten my day :)

    I'm thinking of starting my own blog because I've always wanted to write a book and everyone says blogging is a good place to start to see if your writing is up to scratch, and you're interesting lol!

    Cat xx

  4. Icclewu - Thank you :-) I try my best to make people smile thats all i want to do :-D

    Ninjij - Awwwwww sorrry :-( Hope you can see them at home :-) hehe xxx

    CatB - Thank you :-) im glad it does :-) Yes start your own and give me the link so i can have a look :-) (start with a post about filofax hehe they always are good ;-) ) xxx

  5. Imy the bunting is very cute. It made me smile although I am feeling terrible with this cold!

  6. Fevvers - Thank you, I believe you are new in the world of Imysworld, Welcome :-D

    CP - Thats ok :-) do you want me to make you some and bring it to the meet up in Nov for you :-) xxx

  7. hahahaha now i can see it!
    i was laughing out so loud - i can´t say what my boyfriend is thinking right now ;)

    great work! hahaha u made my day!