04 October 2011

Pocket V Personal - Diary Comparison - 2 Days To a Page


I just wanted to do a really quick post this morning of a comparison between my Personal Malden in Crimson and my Pocket Malden in Grey which have both got the same Diaries, i will go more in depth with this post in the future but just wanted to show you the difference of the diary! 

As you can see the Pocket really does look like my Personal has had a baby with another Personal, (my Personal is a female, but have forgotten her name, sorry Personal Malden. My Pocket is called Amelia) they do look very beautiful together! 

Here is the comparison from a far, i do have closer pictures which i will show now! 

To tell you the truth the page size doesn't look too different, its just a little smaller, from these pictures they don't look all that much smaller to me! I am very happy with the difference in size of the Pocket and Personal, I am really getting used to using a Pocket instead of my A5 or Personal and i am LOVING it!!!

More comparisons to come soon!