08 October 2011

What I Wore Today


Gilet - Fatface
Hoody - Addidas
Skirt - Superdry
Boots - Celtic Ugg
Satchel - Mulberry Bond Street


Eyes - Bourjois Intense Extrait 03
Lashes - Elizabeth Arden Double Density 
Foundation - Maxfactor Lasting PErformance // Clinique Superpowder Double Face Powder
Under Eyes - Benefit Erase Past


I just wanted to show you me wearing my lovely new Gilet (which it was actually too hot to wear) as you can see there were all crispy leaves around me fallen during autmun which is LOVELY! I am so glad the summer is over! 



  1. Check u out in ur autumnal gear. I do love that gilet tho. It's fab. :) xx

  2. gilet, huh? We call that a "puffy vest" over here in Canada! Cute!

  3. Thank you :-)

    It was cold but not cold enough for it i took it off :-(

    Lol i agree puffy vest makes more sence! lol :-) xxx

  4. Who is that sexy lady? ;) Very nice. Terri - we also call it a puffy vest.

  5. Haha, I have to go with what terriknits said, we would call them a "puffy vest (or down-filled vest or poly-filled vest) with faux fur trim" here in the states! Whatever one calls it, you look radiantly lovely!

    YAY for Autumn and leaves turning beautiful colors and cool, crisp days and cold nights scented with backyard bonfires!

  6. Kanalt - THANK YOU :-D

    aspire-to-be - Thank you :-) i love the leaves on the ground so much more fun you can kick them in the air and everything :-D eeek