14 November 2011

Philofaxy Meet up Saturday!

Hello I want to ask all of your opinions on a few small points!

1. What Filofaxes shall i bring?

I have the following which i am willing to bring (not that i want to carry all of them)

Finchley Vintage Rose Personal
Adelphi Slimline Scarlet
Adelphi A5 Black
Cuban Zipped Personal Saddle Brown (If it gets here in time)
Pocket Malden Grey
Personal Malden Crimson
Amazona Personal Black

What ever you want me to bring let me know!

2. What to wear?

So i want to look very nice and pretty as last time my hair was a mess, my dress made me feel fat, i just felt very rubbish!

So this time im thinking of wearing either a Demin Skirt, or a pair of jeans BUT i am going to get a new top and cardigan :-)

I tried all the clothes on below and they were quadruple layered and made me look awful! did not look good, unless i have gone down to size 12 in the past week? lol So any ideas of a nice top and cardigan for me? 

So far i like the looks of these two: -

Kate Maple Print Blouse
Rosie Winter Bird Tunic

Then maybe a nice chunky cardigan, it would be too hot in my Gilet!

Chunky Cable Toggle Knit 
Harriet Fairsle Coatigan - In cream, i do not like the grey!
Chunky Fairsle Knit 

And i will obviously have a scarf on! And umbrella in case!


3. Which bag do i use?

Louis Vuitton Delightful MM
Mulberry Alexa & a small Sea Salt bag to carry extras in (cant fit all in Mulberry)

Please help me ASAP!!! Thank you



  1. Imy......STOP WORRYING!!!!! I would love to see the A5 Adelphi....I really liked your video on that. Trouble is I'm not coming :( Have a great time xx

  2. OOH can you bring your legendary black Amazona? I love it from your videos! And I'd love to see your Mulberry Alexa :)
    I'm using my wheely Padington Bear suitcase :)

  3. I'll probably wear a pencil skirt and jacket.. its all I wear nowadays dulllllllll pahah.... although hopefully i will have new shoes! depends on the weather whether i wear them or not.. bring the alexa for me to stroke ;)


  4. You so have to bring your personal vintage rose & use your louis vuitton they are just beautiful, i will be turning up in jeans/jumper/boots combo with my ri2k padlock bag, dont be worrying how you THINK you look, you will look great and to be honest i think everyone will too busy staring at filofaxes.lol

  5. I vote for that cute denim skirt and your black tights. And if you're not going to wear your puffy vest, then the chunky fair isle knit looks cute.

    Mulberry for the bag. Do you have a small wheely case you can use/borrow and you could take ALL your Filos! If I was there, I'd want to see the two Adelphis and the Amazona for sure.

    Have funnnnn!

  6. Sally - I need to look good, especially after this past weekend, i need to just to make myself feel better about loosing the love of my life :-(

    Kate - My Amazona is empty but if you dont mind i will bring it :-) I may have to use the LV though :-(

    Dolly - lol :-) I will try just depends how many Filofaxes i have to bring :-) x

    Christa - Tahnk you :-) people have voted more for my Alexa so far (but the LV holds more) It is also empty as i just moved all my contence to my Cuban, but if you dont mind will still bring it x

    Terriknits - it looked beyond awful on :-( so not getting that, i hate clothes :-(

    last time i took a suitcase and it made me go mad, i really regretted taking it as it was always in the way, made lots of noise and was heavy :-( xxx

  7. And i just saw the pics of you from the last meet up.....what are you talking about you looked proper pretty in that dress, but i understand why you feel that way right now, when something shitty happens 2me i always put on on my makeup, do my hair, put on some heels and it really does make me feel better