24 November 2011

Filofax Fatness Issues - Need to go on a Diet!

Sorry I have been blogging a lot the past few days, not like spreading it out, just been feeling worse so need to do this to keeo me busy.....

I have recently got the Cuban Zipped, which i thought would solve all my Filofax problems, it was beautiful, huge amazing! But the rings were apart a bit, but that wasn't the thing that stopped me using it either. There was no real reason, I just really fancied using my Malden after seeing all GCM2012's photos of their Malden on different trips with them. (Also Malden is winning on my Poll >>>>>)

It got me excited, so around 10pm Tuesday night I started the big move! It was tough, i had to take out extra pages i didn't necessary want to, but didn't need as i no longer have a hamster (I miss Polly, it was Martin's mums hamster which we looked after together) and lots of other things that were to do with Martin, which was awful, but my Filofax was too fat, so i decided project diet had to start!

At the meet up i told Steve off for having his Filofax too full after he wrote THIS POST on my blog a few months ago! But then only one week after i was in the same boat! (Sorry Steve)

I moved back to my Malden (i feel i am repeating myself) and noticed that i needed to have my whole 2012 diary set up inside, so i moved that in as well. I will show you some pictures....

This just shows how full it is....

The first picture is my Diary, all diaries, including 2011, I use a week to view, so its not as if its a huge diary!

Second Picture is my other sections

Third picture is the whole lot together!

Here are my diaries and my many tabs!

So i need some advice, there is nothing else i can really loose, i cannot seem to trim any fat from anywhere, but i am concerned as i want to move in to the Osterley in Plum (I am treating myself at Christmas as they care more about you then men and i just need a little pick me up like that). But any ideas? Maybe i should type up some of the note that are in my Filofax? print them out.....will that save much room?? hmmmmm

I look forward to hearing your advice :-)


  1. Mr A5 has started his diet too!!


  2. Is you calendar a special one to split it or is it just a normal one broken down into rough months?

  3. Steve - Oh thats good :-) hehe

    Han - Its randomly split best i could so it works out better but still not perfect, woudl be great if they did one that stoped on the last day of month and started on first day! dirves me MAD :-( xxx