07 November 2011

Handbag Issues Number 2 - HELP NEEDED


So after showing you that handbag the other day, I decided to buy it!!!

Here is a picture to refresh your memories.....


So i just received it and took it out the postage bag, I like it BUT I think it may be a bit too big for me, there is one feature i LOVE about it, afterall this is going to be my winter bag for carrying lots with me sort of thing, you know how you get in the winter you always take more than you need, and i do not want to use my Mulberry Alexa any more i hate her getting wet and having heavy things i her, she will be my weekend bag!

Ribena is next to it, its quite a large bag really, alot larger than expected, but it has so many nice pockets!

A normal drink bottle fits in the side pocket! YAY (I have longed for a bag which has this feature (which is why i want the Louis Vuitton Totally in MM, anyone want to buy it for me).

And then finally a picture of it on me!

(it makes me look skinny) 

Is it far too big or is it an OK size for a winter bag, it has alot of structure so stays stiff if you get what i mean? I need to decide by TONIGHT! As then i can return it tomorrow. I just really need to know if its TOO big for me, I love it otherwise, just not sure about the size.....(i could fit so much stuff in it, how exciting)!



  1. That is a beautiful bag - it is huge, but fabulous!!! If you can carry it fully loaded then my vote is that you definitely keep it. LJx

  2. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's gorgeous, and I dont usually look at big bags. I think it looks fab on you. :) xxxx

  3. the bigger the bag the smaller you look.. it's how posh spice looks so damn spindly

  4. I love it! The proportions work well as long as you can stop yourself from filling it so that it gets too heavy and is a pain to carry, I think you'll be fine. I wouldn't be able to stop myself from overfilling it though...

    Still it is lovely! I think it's a keeper!

  5. That is a big bag if it's the width of a filing cabinet... Looks lovely though... big enough for an A4 Filofax.. Sorry!

    Good to see the bottle goes on outside which reduces the risks of spills inside the bag.

    Don't over fill it though, your back will feel the strain.

  6. Thank you all :-)

    I have decided to Return it :-(

    It weights 1.5kg which is as heavy as an A5 Filofax, and i know that carrying an A5 Filofax is too heavy! So there is my problem!

    So i shall be returning it

    Sorrry :-(

    And Steve you enabler....but ONE DAY, ONE DAY!!! I love the A4 but they DO NOT DO PINK grrr hehe

  7. Rats you found me out again! They used to do an orange A4 but it's been discontinued... not pink I realise!

  8. It is a lovely bag but it is HUGE!!! I think you can fit a small person in there too :-)
    You have made the right decision to return it.

  9. When I worked (in an office and not at home) I had a bag about that size that was my "work" bag. I wouldn't use it on weekends or after work, but to lug all my gear to and from work it was perfect. Especially in winter, you'll want to have a hat/scarf/gloves, etc. and be able to stow them in there. As well as take your usual daily items.

    Oh, I just read where you said you are returning it. That's okay, too!