25 November 2011

Pocket Finsbury Raspberry FOR SALE!

Today i have a small for sale post!

I have had this Finsbury for a while and have been wanting to sell it for AGES, just never got around to it!

It is BRAND NEW, not been used, the only thing i have done is changed the diary, i made it so it was white pink white pink white pink and so on (you get the idea) but it is 2011! (I have a diary for sale as well, it will make sense in a minute)

As you can see its in Brand New Condition, it seriously has not been used, i bought it in March and put it on my self thinking, one day i will use this......

It is £20 and Postage and Packaging will depend on where you live!

Also i have a day to a page 2012 Diary for a Pocket Filofax for sale which is £9.00 (bought for £10.50) I understand this is not everyone preferred diary choice, but if you would like to buy it with the Filofax you can have it for £7.00!

So both together would cost £27!!! Which is a bargain considering the Pocket Finsbury costs £43 new and the diary is £10.50 new!!

If you are interested email me at filofaximy@live.com

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