03 November 2011

Handbag Issues

As you all know i have a beautiful Mulberry Alexa which i love and a Louis Vuitton Delightful, but its getting towards winter and the weather keeps raining on poor Lexie!! I cannot deal with it anymore! I want something large enough to carry all to work, Filofax included! But not leather to mark and just sensibly priced (I do not want to use LV as i dislike it and it falls off my sholder CONSTANTLY).

I like to have a large bag in winter to have some extra clothes in JUST IN CASE i get cold!

So i have found this bag which i think maybe perfect but i was going to try and win one on ebay rather than pay full price, but i want your opinions on it!


Extra large which makes the size Perfect



And lovely interior, so what do you think please let me know in the comments, your thoughts about the bag not about me buying another bag (i only have 2 so you cant get on at me too much).



  1. I've got 3 Mischa Barton handbags and they are brilliant value, are made well and look unique. I have recently discovered that River Island's satchel is bigger than it looks, I can fit my A4 filo in there along with a big reading book, wallet, glasses, keys etc even a drink bottle.. Hope this helps :-)x

  2. Ooh yes. I like that one!!! If you can win it cheap then go for it :) xxxx

  3. I like it! Or, check out the coated canvas bags by Fossil- they are huge and completely weather proof!!!

  4. That bag looks great. I like that it has some "structure" to it, so that if it's not stuffed full, it will still stand up and keep its shape. Looks like you could get a lot of stuff in there. Is that your preferred colour?

  5. Thank you all, i think i will go for it, i can always return it, im thinking of ordering it from the shop instead maybe or find an ebayer that accepts returns...... :-) YAY!!!

  6. I really like that one - and you can never have too many bags I don't know how you cope with only 2!!


  7. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Brand-New-MISCHA-BARTON-Etienne-Oversized-Grab-Bag-/120790384242?pt=UK_Women_s_Handbags&hash=item1c1faafe72
    cheapest i can find unless you want to hope it comes up on ebay from a private seller, they accept returns

  8. I've newly discovered and like Mischa bags, that one is lovely! and I agree that I don't know how you can get by with only 2 bags! xx

  9. I get away with only 2 bags BEACAUSE i have one beautiful bag which my mother bought me, my Mulberry Alexa and i love her so!!! I never really want to use anything else i just love it so much!!

    But i hate her getting wet which is why im going to go for 3 :-D hehe

    but 1 bag is enough ;-) xxx