20 November 2011

Filofax Smoothness Comparison with Tracy!

Tracy and I decided to do a video comparing the smoothness of all the Filofaxes in the Filofax shop!

I hope you enjoy

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  1. That?! Was awesome! I loved how you flitted about the store grabbing all the Filos. Very cool! What is that one Lind-something? I liked the look of that.

  2. hehe heh that was great! loved it! wish you did the regency tho...heh heh

  3. Who is that div in the background asking you to warn her when you start filming????????????????? Lol i didnt get to say bye to you, you disappeared on us.....thanks for a great day.xx

  4. Terriknits - Thank you :-) hehe it was so fun, i wanted tot play more, wish i had done more videos with tracy like proper reviews!!!

    Snarling - the regency was locked away under lock and key!! :-(

    Christa - lol your funny :-) sorry Steve was directnig me away as i had to catch my train!!! Sorry :-( hugs was great to meet you :-D Xxx