20 November 2011

Trip to The Eden Project

My mother and I went to the Eden Project on Friday as a day trip after my flu jab (this will mainly just be a picture post as I am a bit behind and need to catch up!

First of all we went for Soup in the cafe/restaurant, it was self service we were very unimpressed, you had to choose a block of wood and a bowl and serve yourself completely, it was all a bit odd we didn't enjoy it that much, the soup and bread tasted good but the service was very strange....

Here are some views from OUTSIDE

We went in the hot one first (is it called a biome?) It really felt like we have gone on Holiday was lovely!

While we were in there, you had the option to climb up quite high and look out over the whole area, it was up so high the temperature was 36c and humidity of 89%!

The platform and stairs wobble as you walk up as its suspended, but the scariness was totally worth it the view was beautiful! People looked like ants! 

Back down on ground level! 

Sorry the pictures are a bit blury!

Then we went in the cooler area!

I want to fill my room with that bunting was beautiful!

The BBC Were there are it was children in need and they were filming form the Eden Project in the evening!

Now back outside for the last of the interesting sights!

I hope you enjoyed this very picture heavy post!!! :-) My mother and I had a lovely day!



  1. Biodome, I think it's called. What an interesting place (aside from the weird lunch). Those rickety platforms/stairs - that would freak me out a bit. But the view! And your mom is hilarious! Your Alexa looks so supple and chocolatey. The humidity must have agreed with it. I hope you had a great day out.

  2. Aww your mum is so adorable! I would love to visit the eden project. It seems absolutely amazing. Dora must have enjoyed her day out as well :-)