21 November 2011

Philofaxy Meet up - NOVEMBER! 2011

As you all know i went to the Philofaxy meet up this weekend, and here is my magnificent post!!! (Warning, i didn't take too many photos at all).

I left the house at 5:45 (woke up 4:45) to catch my train at 6:30! Yes nice and early, I still had to change trains at 7:45 (why do i do these things all in one day?). I arrived at London at 11:24 I think we were a few minutes early, Tracy and Christa had struggled with meeting up so they were running late, I was desperate for the toilet so had to go, RIP OFF 30p (I'm joking, its kinda reasonable, but then they get hundreds through).

They finally got to me outside WHSmiths at 11:50, and we went to the Tube, the fun bit eeek!!! We went on the Bakerloo Line then the Central Line and got off at St Pauls, I wanted to walk across the wobbly bridge (WHY DID I NOT TAKE PHOTOS GRRR). I directed us there as i am very good at getting around London (just hate catching a tube alone). We got to the bridge (Tracy suffers from being terrified of bridges with no walls and water below, hehe) not the best place for her, she pretty much had her eyes closed across the whole bridge!

We arrived at the Tate and ordered drinks, It was so great to meet EVERYONE!

Tracy ordered her Wine (I think every blog will of covered Tracy and her bottle ;-) ) hehe

I will show you all the photos that i took now!

Tracy and her DREADED Apex, Which she loves just as much as Tubes and bridges!!! hehe

I love the picture of Tracy, Steve and I! :-)

After we finished at the Tate we went to the Filofax shop at NEAL STREET!!! YAY!!!!

I spent alot more than expected!!! I didnt even buy my budgeted things (woops) but thats all another blog post!

I was given present by a few people at the meet up, i want to show you! (There is one present that Kate made that everyone did something too, that deserves a blog post of its own).

Christa gave me some magical sticky notes :-) one for lists and then some hearts :-)

I won a notebook in Anita's competition: Anita Lim Blog

Sharon gave me some Smarties :-) Shazza's Blog

Steve gave me some inserts that he had spare :-) (Filofax King)

I got back on the train and got home safely!!

So here are some OTHER posts about the meet up!

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Kate - There will be one here but not yet!

Finally, check out Tracy and I and our review of Filofaxes!

Thank you everyone that came i had an AMAZING day!! Thank you so much!!! It really helped cheer me up!


  1. ooh it gets its own blog post! yayy!!

  2. I love being able to vicariously attend the meet up through everyone's blog posts, photos and videos. Awesome!

  3. I love you video! You guys are so cute - I've never seen such excitement over binders. ;) Thanks for sharing your day. It sounds like everyone had a really great time.

  4. Great vid! Totally agree with the scores you gave the Filos :o)