21 November 2011

Filofax Meet up Bristol UK


So I was thinking about having a Filofax meet up in Bristol next month, so far the ideas I have had are below: -

Date:  17 December 2011

Meeting Place - Bristol Temple Meads Station? (if you come in at a different Station let me know)

There will be a car taking us to the other side of Bristol for Lunch and shopping in Filofaxish shops 

Time: TBC

Lunch: Ask or Pizza Hut, any ideas would be great :-D

Shops - There are quite a few Filofax stockists in Bristol it would seem, but i thought we could go to Paperchase as there seems to be a large one in the center, then maybe some of the smaller stationery stores that sell Filofaxes so we can buy random stationery too??

But i would love to have some feedback from some people who are interested!

So far there are 4 others interested i believe :-) 

Look forward to hearing from you!


  1. hi Imy

    Might be interested in 17th, but its perilously close to Christmas, which, unless you're a single unattached orphan, brings its own obligations. Have you thought about going for a date in Jan/Feb? Otherwise, I'll try. 3rd and 10th Dec definitely non-starters.

    David Popely

  2. Subject to the above, if you let me know the final destination I could meet you there as I'll be travelling by car......

  3. David - all details will be finished deciding by end of week.

    I know its close to Christmas, but its the only real time im able too, January i work weekends (accountants are busy then as you would know lol) and in February im going to london twice, then march should be next philofaxy meet up :-)

    But i will put all the details up then we can all email and finalise plans :-)

  4. No problem, wait and see how many/if any others can manage a weekend in December and let's go from there.


  5. David - I have 3-4 definates so far 5 including me :-)

  6. Sounds like you have a quorum at least, then. I suspect I will be unavoidably busy with pre-Christmas obligations, but have a great time and I look forward to reading the reports afterwards!