03 November 2011

Dummies Guide to a Philofaxy Meet Up

Whether your a Philofaxy Meet up Veteran or are a Virgin, this could help you (obviously people who have been to a few already know what to do, but this is how i organise for the meet ups!). Think of it as an idiots Dummies guide! (me being the idiot Dummie) And you do not have to follow EVERY step!

One Month of More Before

BOOK TRAIN TICKETS - You can save lots if you book up to 3 months in advance using the Train Line tips to save money can be FOUND HERE!!! I could probably write a few paragraphs on that but thought would be easier to give you a link!

Two - Three Weeks Before

PLAN TUBE JOURNEY OR BUS JOURNEY - Use the TFL website to plan how to get there then write it in your FILOFAX this can save a lot of time looking at the station and working out ways to go etc... Or ask someone helpful and friendly like me to help you work it out! Also work out which tickets you need to buy, unless you have an Oyster Card!

PLAN YOUR MEAL - Now this isn't as important, but for fussy people like ME or people with special dietary requirements if you plan in advance you can let them know if you need anything specific? The menu for Cafe 2 !

WORK OUT IF YOU CAN MEET ANYONE AT STATION - Just if your a bit nervous about catching the tube alone decide if you want to meet someone who is going to meet up at a station, like if your both going to Paddington then you can easily meet someone, just email around until you find out, it never hurts to ask ;-)

WRITE A SHOPPING LIST - This is one Steve tells everyone to do, so i will add it to my list, he says "when you get to the shop you will forget everything you want to buy, so if you write a list you cannot forget" WISE WORDS!!!!

One Week Before Trip 

ORGANISE CLOTHES - Sort out what you want to wear on the day, have comfortable shoes (VERY IMPORTANT WE WALK A LONG WAY)

Two or Three Days Before Trip

ORGANISE BAG - Put all you need in your bag including a camera, pack all Filofaxes, except for ones you need.

CHECK YOU HAVE YOUR TICKETS - very important, make sure your tickets are safe and secure somewhere you know, also if you need a rail card or an oyster card put it all together! Filofax is a safe place! As you wont forget that will you!

Night Before

DOUBLE CHECK - Double check you have EVERYTHING! Write a check list if your as sad as me!

PUT EVERYTHING IN A CONVENIENT PLACE - Put all your stuff in the same place ready to leave!

On The Day

HAVE FUN!!! And do not forget anything, do not panic, just be excited!!

If you do forget something, you can probably buy it on the way so do not worry!!

16 Days To Go!



  1. Brilliant post Imy, thank you. Just have to pluck up the courage to go to London now ;)

  2. HW - so does this mean you will be at the next one? x

  3. Love this. Wish I could come. Have a great time.