02 November 2011

This weeks FILOFAX Spottings!

I have been thinking about doing this on my blog for AGES, but i NEVER EVER get proof of seeing a Filofax (we do not have TV you can pause and rewind so it makes is very hard to doing these posts).

I will start with the one i DO NOT have a picture of  4OD!!!(forgot about that) but just thought i would mention it.

Monday night E4 (28 on Freeview) One Tree Hill, around 10 minutes in you see Haley's sister Quinn looking through a Filofax booking someone in for a gig, it looks to me like a zipped Lindhurts or Guildford maybe a Finchley (there the only black zipped filofaxes i can think of let me know if im wrong).

one tree hill

I tried to get my camera ready then after that it went off the screen I WANT PAUSE REWIND TV!!!

UPDATE - I am so happy that i thought of 4OD now i can bring you all these things that i see i will write a note when i see something then screen print it for you all to see!! YAY!!!

The next Filofax Spot was on something that came in the post yesterday! It was VERY exciting!!

It was the FRONT COVER of the Viking Catalogue for Winter 2011!!

I believe its a Finchley Finsbury (sorry im a bit obsessed with my Finchley, and the names are very close) in Raspberry, but what size? I think its A5 but the way how it all looks it could be A4, but i didnt think they did one that big? It is A5 Steve has said so! There are 4 rings in an A4 (which i forgot) THANK YOU STEVE I'm sure STEVE can tell us!! ;-)

So that was my Filofax spots for this week!! I will try and do one of theses posts every so often when i collect together a few pictures like this or just programmes!! YAY


Tali spotted a Filofax on BBC1 on a programme called The Case, she gave me the exact time so i went on iPlayer and took some screen shots for you all :-) YAY




 With the Excitement of magical Sky stopping TV standing Still Tali has found ANOTHER picture of a Filofax, from The Case


Tracy said below in the comments she had seen one in an Eastenders episode, and she has found the pictures for me to add to this YAY!!!

Steve has identified it as a Personal Identity!

eastenders 1

eastenders 2

eastenders 3

Thank you for giving me more! Its exciting!!

If anyone else has some let me know!!



  1. I saw one on TV last night on BBC2 the documentary about WWII, an army officer with a Filofax...

  2. It looks like its been photoshopped onto her hand. Very false. Well spotted tho Imy. The doctor on eastenders had a Filofax the other week too. :) xx

  3. Think I spotted one on Monday on BBC 1's 'The Case' ... just double checked on iPlayer and it certainly looks like one but I can't tell...?


    there's the link and its the scene starting from 13mins and 57 seconds in :o) xx

  4. I saw one (Filo, I think) on Coronation Street. Alas, we are about 8 months behind you here in Canada for episodes, so this would have been some time in February, 2011. Carla Connor had one in her hand in the factory. Black, A5 but I couldn't see what it was.

  5. spotted someone in my renaissance seminar with a mini brown finsbury.. was going to say something to him but my filofax-nerdism is TOP SECRET so I kept schtum.

  6. The one on Viking catalogue is not Finchley, as Finchley doesn't have zip on left side. I think it's Finsbury.

  7. Katka - yeah I know it's a finsbury sorry just obsessed with the finchley

    Thanks for pointing out my mistake lol

  8. Hi Imy - I've been reading your blogs via Philofaxy for a while now and seeing this one made me realise that you may be able to help me... I was watching The Devil Wears Prada the other day and Anne Hathaway's character has a Filofax - do you know which one it is? I didn't get to have a good look at it... hoping you may know. Cheers. LJx

  9. Love this post Imy I also get really excited when I spot Filofax binders in film/tv shows...mainly to try and prove to Mr P how cool they are hehe


  10. ALSO belle has a red amazona in secret diary of a call girl.. JUST LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!