29 November 2011

Pilot G-Tec C4 Review

As you can tell my blog is turning in to pen review land, why i do not know but still i LOVE pens and i thought it gives me something to do!

Today's pen which is from my Cult Pens Haul is the Pilot G-Tec-C4, I ordered on in Pink and one in Blue, I have just sent the pink one to someone as a surprise with something else i was sending them, as i didn't buy it for me, i just wanted to quickly see how it writes in comparison to the blue!

First of all here is a look at the pens and the nibs!

On the Cult Pens website it says that the nibs are 0.4mm but write like a 0.2mm, I am not sure as i do not have a 0.4mm to compare too or a 0.2mm for that fact...

So i tested both pens and i found that at first they feel a bit scratchy, not like there scratching the paper, im not too sure what i think to be honest but they just felt scratchy, after use the scratchyness went away and they turned in to lovely pens!

The blue is so beautiful, but i find the ink is all fine then it suddenly goes faint? bit strange!!You can see it on my to do list below on the F

I know i always seem to write the most random things but still i do not mind!

I wanted to test them on Filofax paper as someone said they may bleed though, so i tested them!

To do list with nothing crossed off....hmmmmmm i have done it all though!!

It doesn't bleed through but you can see it a bit!!

On the next payday i am getting a pack of 10!!! I love them!!!

Hope you enjoyed it and if you have ANY questions let me know! :-)



  1. "The kitten likes cheese" - classic! I had some of those pens a while ago - they feel really pointy for me. With the thin Filo paper, I was worried about poking through when I wrote with them.

  2. terriknits - my kitten does like cheese lol

    yeah im not sure about them i like them then i dont oh its hard choosing PENS!!! :-( xxx

  3. have you tried gelly rolls? I loove them, so many pretty colors and so smooth

  4. wesenberc23 - I am not too sure.....link??xxx

  5. They have a few different sets of them but here's the link to the company that sells them: http://www.sakuraofamerica.com/Pen-Glitter-Gel I'm in the US though, I'm sure there's shops that would have them near you though too.

  6. wesenberc23 - oh yes i have some of thoes they are lovely hehe xxx