23 November 2011

Present from Kate -TPS - @KateB_TPS

At the Philofaxy meet up i was given some presents, as i said in my post about the meet up HERE and i said i was going to do a special post on just something that Kate gave to me that everyone else had participated.

Well as you all know, I have been very upset and down recently (if your my friend on Twitter and Facebook you will of seen all my depressed statuses) and she wanted to give me something to cheer me up!

She made a card for my Filofax, it has cupcakes on the front, then everyone had signed the back!

Here are some pictures: -

It is just so kind and so sweet it just shows how great friends can be! I really love them all for being part of this! Thank you so much!!!

I have put it in the front of my current Filofax to always remind me, your there for me and you all love me!

(It was in my Cuban Zipped but last night i moved house to my Malden....)

Just want to say again a HUGE THANK YOU to Kate for doing it and for everyone for taking part!

If you click on the title of the post or anywhere it says Kate it will take you to her blog!

Here are some picture of me being presented the card :-) Borrowed from Philofaxy







  1. Awww how lovely!!! Filofax friends are just the best, arn't they :) Hope your feeling a bit brighter now, it's horrible to see you down in the dumps!!! We all love you Imy xxx

  2. Thank you Foxy :-) They are the best!! :-)

    I feel a bit better but still miss him alot and hope he changes his mind, but im trying to do things to take my mind off it all xxx :-)

    love you too xxx

  3. Oh, how sweet - and what a great expression of the affection we all feel for you.

    Sending you big *hugs*