02 September 2012

A Literal Filofax Affair - All Stars Tour - PaperLoveStory

Once again I am part of Philofaxy All Stars, and I know I will have had a few posts before this one, but this is the first I have received and I am scheduling it to appear on the correct date (I HOPE) Anyway... 

I have the lovely ANGELA from PaperLoveStory, I feel privaliged to have her on my blog as I love her posts :) They are all so cute and ADORABLE, you should check out her blog, it is a must see!!! Put it on your bucket list, but make sure it is crossed off instantly!!! Enjoy

As some of you may have already read, my previous guest post detailing my brief affair with a Moleskine day-per-page diary. This post is a sequel to that love story.

Angela finally felt settled down with Rosie and not itching to move to another organiser or planner. Or so she thought. Along came Alice Temperley who created an organiser designed to tempt even the most settled down of individuals. Fittingly, it was called The Affair and that was exactly what Angela ended up having.

Although disagreeing with all forms of adultery and cheating, Angela found herself seduced by the lace-on-leather design and the pink satin lining of the interior.

“No,” Angela said quietly to herself, “I must not let something so aesthetically pleasing affect me like this. After all, it is the personality that is so endeering, not some lace and satin!”

This resistance didn’t last long, however, and she soon held an Affair in her hands. Rosie looked on dejectedly as Angela couldn’t take her eyes off the Affair; and when Rosie’s inserts were cruelly taken from her and transferred to the new love in Angela’s life, Rosie let out a “humph” and wandered off into the sunset, in search of a new owner who would be more faithful.

This Affair didn’t last long - not dissimilar to real-life affairs. The lust was there, but things started to go wrong and the relationship was going downhill fast. As the rings started to open up and not close properly, Angela was fast losing patience. Rosie never had these problems, in fact, Rosie was almost perfect in every way; but there was no time to mourn over her now. The Affair had to be sorted as soon as possible and before the problems could escalate and turn into something bigger.

Alas, it was not meant to be as her second Affair also had the same ring problems and worse, too! Citing irreconcilable differences, back it went to Filofax and Angela was left to fend for herself. Having cheated on Rosie twice, she was in no mood to listen to Angela’s pleas for forgiveness and cliched phrases such as ‘it won’t happen again’, ‘my brain farted’, etc. And so the search began for Angela’s Filofax ‘one’.

Having lusted after the plum Osterley for months prior to all this, Angela plum-ped for it and hasn’t looked back since. Rosie did not like the fact that Angela had gone through organisers like knickers, but did not turn down the suggestion to ‘just be friends’ and as a result of this, Rosie is now her ‘me binder’.

With her love for the Osterley growing each day, no other Affair is on the horizon. That is to say, until Alice Temperley reveals her second selection of binders in her collaboration with Filofax, Angela cannot see any other binder as her other, organisational, half.

Thank you once again for visiting Angela I REALLY LOVE YOUR BLOG!! PaperLoveStory

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