20 September 2012

Paperchase Sticky Notes Review - #1

I did a video about my sticky note collection, in which I spoke about some sticky notes someone had sent to me but I wished I could have some more of them. See video below...

 I posted some pages from the Day Timer diary to Gail of It's My Life! In return she sent me the Sticky notes I had been craving and some amazing diary stickers, which she had made, which are extremely useful! Here is my review of them!


They come presented in lovely card packaging like most Paperchase Sticky Notes, but these have got a book kind of cover then all the sticky notes under neath.

There is quite a range of sticky notes, and all different sizes.


They are useful as they are lined you are able to make shopping lists or use the graph one to write up a budget easily. There is also 4 page markers, which I have noticed Paperchase ALWAYS seem to have in their sticky note packs.

Here is the writing test...



I tried out 4 rather standard types of pen, a Lamy Fountain Pen, Uniball Signo Gelstick, Uniball Eye Fine and Frixion 0.5mm Needlepoint.

As you can see out of the 4 pens the Fountain pen bleeds through, and so does the Uniball Eye, not that it matters as you only use one side of a sticky note but it is still useful to know!

They are find for sticking on paper but they are not as strong at being stuck on wooden surfaces, I am sure they would stick well to shiny metal or plastic surfaces.

Overall I absolutely LOVE these post it notes as you can make amazing lists on them and date stamp them first! Tidily as well as you have lines to follow!

Thank you again Gail of It's My Life!



  1. Awahh bless you darling, your are more than welcome! I am so pleased they found a happy home! Just goes to show, if you want something hard enough..... lol

  2. Hi Imy, the lined pads are exactly what I've been looking for to use as a to do list in my filo but I can't see the set on the website. Do they have a code or name I could look for? Much appreciated - Michelle x

  3. I love your wallpaper! In the video, the green damask. Awesome! And nice sticky notes too!

  4. Gail W - Thank you I love them so much!!! I Miss talking to you tho :( Learn Twitter :D

    Ladbad - I believe they do not sell them anymore? They are a bit older??

    You can get some similar ones from Cavallini xxx

    Josh - Thank you but its a turquoise rather than a green :) xxx

  5. Ah, that's why I cant find then. Thank you - I'll look for the others :-)

  6. OMG I need these! They're awesome! Are they still on sale in Paperchase? x