18 September 2012

Lamy Fountain Pen Nib Confusion???

A while back I was sent a Lamy Safari in Pink as I had been wanting one for so long, I was a bit down at the time and one of my Twitter friends said they would send me theirs as they didn't use it. It was amazing when it arrived, it came with a pink Moleskine notebook and some pink ink, which was more purple, but still adorable!

I loved the pen so much, but then one day I noticed the Nib said F (Fine) so I decided to test it against my M (Medium) Blue Lamy Safari, which I had bought a few months prior to receiving my Pink Safari, which I love.


You can just about see the M, but you cannot really see the F

Pink = F
Blue = M


I did a little writing test with the Lamy's below...


There is hardly any difference, not enough for it to be noticeable when I am writing normally.

Has anyone else had this issue??

Is the Extra Fine noticeably finer??



  1. I did a comparison of the Lamy nibs on my blog earlier this year: http://mslogica.com/2012/03/a-look-at-lamys-inter-changeable-nibs/

    There is a tiny bit of difference between the F and M nibs, but I like the EF best.

    Don't forget though that Lamy are German-made. If you're after a really fine nib, the Japanese are the best at making them, so you need to look at Sailor and other Japanese brands. There's really no comparison between a Japanese EF nib and a European EF nib: the Japanese nibs are so delicate and tiny!

  2. I have read that there is some variation in Lamy nibs which is probably a lack of quality control. It could also be ink related. Dryer inks might help a F look thinner than the M more than a wetter ink.
    I personally love my EF lamy nibs. :)
    I hope to get a pink Safari some day. And one of the lovely oranges! Why must they limit the availability of the colors?! :)

  3. I 've also heard that German nibs are thicker than the Japanese. My most favorite is the fine pilot prera, it comes in various colors and it's quite affordable as well!

  4. If you like colorful pens ( who doesn't? lol!) you should take a look at pilot prera, they come in many colors are affordable and of good quality. I have a fine white one and love it!

  5. Lamy nibs definitely vary a lot within what are ostensibly the same nib widths. So far I have used mostly extra-fines rather than fines, but I find the same trend there. But I would say that the extra-fine is noticeably finer, at least of the four I use regularly. I have three steel and one gold, and the gold is the finest, one steel is pretty close, and one is certainly more like a fine.

    The ink does make a difference I think - even different Lamy inks seem to make a difference. But no, western extra-fines will never match the amazing eastern ones - I have a platinum ultra-extra-fine, and that is a *proper* fine nib :)

  6. Late comment, I know. Just wanted to say though that the EF is noticeably finer. I have both F and EF and prefer the EF so much more.