28 September 2012

GUEST POST - Lola Karwowski - Insider her Filofax!

Today I have a lovely guest post from Lola Karwowski or Lola Cryola on Flickr, I first saw her Filofax on Flickr and had to ask her to do a small guest post for me so I could share with you all her most beautiful Filofax, so here it is... I hope you enjoy! 
Hello there! This is Lola from Lola Karwowski and I am honored to do a guest post for Imy’s lovely blog J since she didn’t give me a specific subject to talk about, I thought I’d take the opportunity to show off one of my diary weeks. However before doing so, here is my warm orange personal size Metropol. She is two months old, my very first Filofax ever!


Though it’s fake leather, I still find myself holding her and going crazy over how nice she feels. This planner lies perfectly flat and the two pen loops (though not elastic) are perfect for the pens I use. I did my research before making my purchase and found a great deal on Ebay for her. I’ll admit, I’ve never seen such prices for a planner before and I my husband thought I was crazy for spending so much (if only he knew the Metropol is one of the least expensive Filofax’s..) but it’s been two whole months and I have not had any regrets.



She holds sooo much! I use her as a wallet (I’m a one life one filo kind of gal) so I carry it everywhere. I have my diary, notes, lists, some pictures, addresses, and everything else I may need during my long days. Isn’t she lovely? Finally, here is how a week in my diary looks.



Unless you count the washi tape you can see that I don’t use stickers as much as others do. I try to make my Metropol pretty by using different colors (I don’t color code. I would never keep up with it). I also use a lot of sticky notes, paper clips to keep things together, and you can see a blank card in there from the K&Company blank pads which I use to write down dinner lists or bill confirmation numbers. My only complaint would be the quality of the paper... it took me a while to find pens that did not bleed through as much which is why I got the cotton cream week on two pages inserts for 2013. Plus, I’ll have more room for my Saturday and Sunday sections! I also purchased more business card holders for extra ID’s/store cards I carry around. Honestly, I don’t see myself ever moving out of the Metropol. I know many are crazy over the Malden’s and other more expensive selections, but I don’t mind having a Filofax that not everyone is drooling over. If I were to ever make a second purchase, it’d probably be the personal size Holborn or the compacts Regency... but I’d have to really save my money for those.

Ladies & gents, I hope you’ve enjoyed this small preview of my life. Please do stop by my new blog and say hello :) and thank you Imy for giving me the chance to introduce myself!
Have a lovely week,

- Lola

Thaank you again for guest posting on my blog, visit her now here... 



  1. It's wonderful to see so many Metoropols featured recently; looking at these cuties has honestly dissolved any desire I might have recently had for other expensive filofaxes (that I really don't need anyway) - these cheap little critters are adorable. I have to keep reminding myself: it's about function, not flash.

  2. Thanks for sharing your Filofax. It's always fun to see how others set theirs up.

  3. Lovely post! I have to comment on your marking off the Steelers vs. Jets game. I'm actually going to do a post about that this weekend, since I have stated marking the Giants games. So the questions is: which is your favorite team? ;-)

  4. For some reason I just realized that people had commented on this post lol So I'm sorry for the delay.

    @MTMTE: I agree, it's not at all about flash. They work just as great (if not better) than other more expensive Filofax's.

    @Kanalt: My husband is a HUUUUGEEE Steelers fan. I'm the wife who has no idea what goes on in the game. I just yell when he yells and get mad when he gets mad :)

    @Millie & Homemakerdaily.com: Thank you! :)