13 September 2012

ALL STARS GUEST POST - GIRL IN MATHS - What's in her Make up Bag?

Today we have a lovely guest post from Pauline from Girl in Maths, it is a post about what is in her make up bag, I have done the same blog post for my make up bag on her blog as well! This is part of the Philofaxy All Stars Tour!!!!  I hope you enjoy it (I am very jealous of her Chanel lipstick, I have always wanted to try some!)

First of all, please know that I am no pro at make up. I only quite recently started getting into it, since no one even notices how you look when you work at a university with almost only men as colleagues. Don’t take me wrong, I like my colleagues, but sneakers, old jeans and race t-shirts are the usual dress code and skirts and dresses are rare. So my bag may seem a bit bare, but I think I have assembled a set of products that I like and work for me.

Let me show you my bag:



It is from the brand Oilily , that makes mostly very colourful children’s clothes. I like this bag because of the fun colours. It is on the large side, and can even expand more with a zipper around three sides so I have room to grow into it! Now for the contents.


First my face products. I don’t use any liquid foundation, but I always start with some good moisturiser with a hint of foundation or colour in it. My current favourite is the bb cream from Estee Lauder.


They are:

Mac mineralize skinfinish natural, colour light medium

Guerlain meteorites poudre de perles colour mythic parfait

Chanel joues contraste colour nr 55 in love

Yves saint Laurent touche éclat colour nr 2

I use one of the two powders, depending on how my skin looks that day. The concealer I use because I have dark circles under my eyes, and they are even more enhanced by my strong glasses that enlarge anything behind them.

Then what I use for my eyes. I have only lighter colours, because I am quite pale-skinned and light-haired, and because any dark colours look weird whith my glasses.


Guerlain ombre éclat 4 shades,colour rose boisé

Mac eyeshadows colours vex and smut

Rituals duo eye shadow colour precious amethyst

Not in this picture are my othe eye products (they are in the larger picture to the top with all contents shown):

Rimmel eyebrow pencil colour 002 hazel

Lancome hypnose precious cells brown

Lancome doll eyes black

I use the brown mascara during normal days, and the black one for parties and dinners out and such. Both work great. There is still more room in the mac palette; it’s a system where you buy a box and small magnetic holders with the colours in them. You can choose from their large range, and make your own combinations. I really like this sysem.

Finally my lip products:


Estee lauder pure color lip gloss pink kiss shimmer nr 27

Rituals lip gloss gold flower

Chanel rouge coco charme nr 40

Chanel rouge coco mademoiselle nr 05

Chanel rouge coco shine boy nr 54

On most days I pick one of these, and then carry it around with me for the day. The rest of the stuff stays at home. I have a second, smaller bag that goes with me:


This holds my lip choice for he day, along with some other essentials like a hair elastic and glasses cleaning cloth. I got this from accessorize a few years ago, and it’s actually meant to be a coin purse.

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my make up bag, and thank you Imy for letting me write on your blog. Finally, go take a peek into Imy’s things on my blog too.

Thank you for the guest post again :) It is so nice to be nosy and see what other people carry around with them!


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