22 September 2012

I love my Zebra Sharbo X BUT....

I recently bought the Zebra Sharbo X Multipen from Cult Pens and I did a review on Ray's blog I bought the 3 way one, which I have in it the JSB Gel 0.5mm refill which I also buy from Cult Pens I know there is a huge range of D1 refills I could use but I really love this refill, it comes in Black, Blue and Red, I use Black and Blue and a B 0.5mm Pencil.

I really am in love with this pen!

When I grow up I want to own the Sharbo X Premium!

I find my writing is neat small and cute with this pen I have no issues with the actual pen. Just look how beautiful she is...


Some people may say the pen is a little costly at just over £40 and then you have to buy a pencil mechanism etc, but I love the fact you make the pen  yours, no one else, exactly why I use my Filofax BUT there is one issue...

She costs a lot to run


This came in the post this morning, my 6th set of refills so far! (I mean I have bought 6 refills not 6 sets of refills)




Not cost effective at all but look how beautiful and smooth she writes, how could you hate her when it make it look so clear and easy to read! So for this reason I will carry on using her!

If anyone wants to try this pen out, and they want to try a cheaper option, one thing you can do is try the SHARBO DIARY PEN which is a fraction of the price at £12.82 and try the JSB GEL 0.5mm ZEBRA REFILL I know at £4.07 they are pricey, but oh so worth it! The Diary pen only holds one pen and a 0.5mm pencil, I used this pen for ages and loved every minute of it, you can buy a standard 0.7mm Ballpoint refill which is £4.99 for a pack of 10 and these last for ages!

But this pen is such an amazing pen even though it is so costly I would recommend it to anyone in a heart beat!



  1. I've much the same impression of my Pilot Coleto multipen, it writes beautifully but costs a fortune to run. I'm trying out using an extra fine nibbed Lamy Safari as my regular use pen in my filofax for a while to see how that works. So much less expensive to keep inked up, pleasant to write with, but I lose the ability to color-code my notes and the ink shows through fairly badly.