23 September 2012

Guest Post from Kiddy Qualia - How she uses her Filofax....

Today I have a wonderful Guest post from Jessica who runs an Etsy Shop called Kiddy Qualia. I first came across this page when I was looking for some different Filofax paper and she makes RAINBOW Filofax paper in most sizes, as I blogged about before...  So here is her post I hope you enjoy it!!! (My writing is all in Blue)

Thanks to Imy for inviting me to share my Filofax! I started using one a couple of years ago when I turned thirty & realized just how little time there really is in life to “spend,” yet how easy it is to squander that time if we don't get our s*** together. Plus it feeds my stationery fetish. Win-win, you know?



(Quite side note, at this very point in time I am doing the "Live Long and Prosper" sign with my hand, good old Star Trek, Picture Proof Below)


I've been using a pink Metropol, personal size. On the inside cover, there's a nice spot for putting stickers—Data watching over my data, and a rainbow wizard are essential. I've cut the thread that divides the pockets into two sections, so a pocket sized, softcover Moleskine can fit in there.


The Moleskine is my main notebook (aside from the big, heavy, five subject spiral notebook that stays at home). In it are thoughts, ideas, quotes, sketches, ten page long Isaac Asimov interview transcriptions, maps of hikes, nature observations, and anything else that finds its way in there.


In the front of the rings, I've got an open pocket & a zippered pocket with random things in them. Small crochet hooks fit perfectly in the zippered pocket, along with tiny scissors & yarn needles. These guys are notorious for getting lost—the time I've saved just from not having to go searching for these damn things is worth the cost of the Filofax!


After these, I've made some monthly pages to keep track of my spending. This is really important for a student on a tight budget!


Then I've got my week-on-two-pages section. I've just cut up some cheap notebook paper, put some lines on, and stamped the dates in pink. The flimsiness of the paper is good for making a mess on, crossing stuff off, tearing the pages out when the week is over. As you can see, no attempt is made at artfulness—it's just utility. All the pages I make for myself are four inches/102 mm wide, a bit wider than the standard 3.75 inch/95 mm Filofax paper. I don't use tabs (organizing by color instead), so I can stretch the paper out a bit.


After my weeklies, I keep everything else on rainbow colored paper. Fuchsia is for to-do lists--the first is things that need to get done ASAP, the other is things that aren't so critical. Red: stuff to get (self-explanatory), lime green is for things I need to do/ideas for my etsy shop, the orange pages are where I keep ideas for craft, art and writing projects. The yellow bookstores page is so I don't forget what to look for next time I'm in a used bookstore (man, I hate that!), the green page is for keeping track of school expenses, and the blue page is for the ever-evolving mix I'm working on. The final purple page is for listing my favorite things, so I can look at it when I'm feeling sad or discombobulated.


In the back, there's some addresses, a map, and an end page my boyfriend made. I hooked a 4x6 memo book onto the rings at the very back—this is basically for scrap paper. Whatever I don't want to keep forever in my Moleskine goes in there. Very handy! The ring on top holds a stack of color-coded German language flashcards. In the back pocket I keep a couple index cards with poems that I'm trying to memorize on them—right now, some Whitman and Dickinson. In the pen holder is usually a Bic Clic-Stic, the only ball point pen I've found that writes really smooth, without obnoxious skips.

And that's my Filofax—I would be a much crazier lady without it! I've been playing around with a pocket sized Metropol lately (they're just so damn cute), experimenting with trying to scale everything down a bit. It may turn out to be the perfect size to fit the pocket Moleskine in, with filler paper cut to match...we'll see how it goes!
I really love the insides of her Filofax, thank you so much for doing this post, from reading this I have decided I want to try and colour code, and also need Star Trek stickers and the box set of Star Trek - The Next Generation as I love it! Thank you again, and VISIT HER ETSY SHOP!!!



  1. Oh another Metropol owner! I love it :) Thank you for sharing!

  2. Gorgeous! I love it and the rainbow paper as well.....just ordered some. :)

  3. Great! Love the rainbow paper as well...ordered some 2 weeks ago!