29 September 2012

Paperchase Sticky Notes Review - #2 - Study Mate


As you can tell these are going to be absolutely adorable Sticky Notes, I love how the cover is a harder cardboard which makes it a lot more protected and keeps the sticky notes safe inside, it is an amazing design.



As you can tell you have lots of options with this set of sticky notes but there is one issue I have noticed so far, that is the large lined sticky note at the bottom is TOO WIDE for a Personal Filofax, it is more suited to A5, I still use them for shopping lists though to give to my dad!

They measure at 14cm x 10cm when a Personal Filofax page is 17cm x 9.5cm so they are just too wide which drives me mad! They were my favorite out of the sticky notes as well.

One thing I really like about these is these sticky notes below:


They are perfect for highlighting things in your diary or using as titles for pages, like to-do it is amazing at the top of a to-do list! And the pictures are oh so cute! I am so in love with these.

My only issue is the smaller lined one which is 7.5cm x 5cm is just a bit too small in a way for me to write much on and the lines are too big but otherwise these are winners for me.

The all important writing test...


I used the same 4 pens as in my last Sticky Note post...


This paper seems to be of a bit better quality as the ink does not bleed as much which is good!

These sticky notes are AMAZING if you are wanting to combine them with your Filofax for lists or if you are using A5 and want a larger lined sticky note! They were £4.50

Here is a very similar one on Paperchase which is on Brown paper

They may have the ones above in store!!


  1. As I use A5 these will be perfect, thanks for sharing :)

  2. Hey Imy, cool sticky notes!

    I'm not the kind of guy who uses sticky notes a lot, just some plain post-it notes to take note of random pieces of information (phone numbers, addresses, etc.) mainly when I'm on the phone, or to let know people at work where I am if not in my office, or to give or leave some notes at someone else's desk at work, etc.

    But my nieces love stickers and since they're starting to learn English at School, I thought it could be a good idea for me to buy them children stickers that have English words on them, so that they keep seeing them, and they are more likely to say them and learn them.

    I've found some interesting ones at SmileMakers, from Staples (like those: http://blog.zois.co.uk/2012/06/more-style-and-epub/feed/)and I'm sure there must be many more available. And since you are the person who's got more stickers in the whole world and who knows more about them... I had to ask you... :-)

    Do you know of any good collection of stickers that I can use to play with my nieces (they are 7 and 5, by the way, and they're learning the colours, numbers, days of the week, etc. in English) and that would prompt them to remember and use the words written in them? I'd really appreciate any suggestions from you or from your sticker-addict readers! :-)

    Thanks a lot!

  3. Neonlicht - I am sorry but I cannot think of any off hand but I will post your comment as a blog post and see if anyone else can think of any if that is any help?? xxx

  4. Thank you! Very nice. It might be helpful to others too, maybe? :-)

  5. http://www.paperchase.co.uk/invt/00501279/

    These are perfect for a personal filo, the lined pages are only about 13cm high and just under 7cm across! Also they're beautiful! I also have the other daydream post it notes (just as beautiful) and theyre small enough to keep the pack in a filofax!

    (I need to stop buying post it notes)